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Comment Gov't infecting your system (Score 1) 234

This question is like pissing into a sea of piss but...

How could any evidence collected from an intentionally compromised system be useful to the rule of law? Couldn't a lawyer destroy the shit out a case like this? If a 3 letter agency infects a system, its owned. it is now vulnerable can you prove without a doubt the user of that device is the wrongdoer when the computer is willfully opened up to attack or misuse by parties other than the original intended user? If one party can own it, so can others. And how can you rule out fabrication of evidence when the malicous logic is designed to give control to the very same organization that will be putting the target on trial?

I just can't fathom how this is a good idea for anyone that is trying to uphold the rule of law. Then I remember...We've drone'd American citizens...they aren't even concerned how this looks because the end goal is to not ever bring this shit to light in the first place. Legality has never been the issue because the system was designed to remain secret forever...

Comment Re:Less drama more substance (Score 1) 225

I understand where your heart and mind is when you say "all rational gunowners," but can't help feeling that is a somewhat loaded statement. Allow me a moment to explain why.
You see, I feel I am a rational gun owner. I maintain a collection of firearms, some purchased through licensed dealers with the appropriate background check, others through private sales. I've never pointed a gun at a human being, loaded or unloaded, or even at an object I had no intention of shooting. I have fired 10's of thousands of rounds and never accidentally shot someone or something. I have never had a firearm negligently discharge at all, let alone near or in the direction of an unintended object. Ask a chef if they've ever accidentally cut themselves with tools of their trade and the answer is undoubtedly "Yes." As an amateur enthusiast of firearms, I have a perfect safety record. Amongst other enthusiasts, professional or amateur, my safety record isn't an exception...but the norm. How does "rational" gun control methods benefit me in or protect the public from me in any way?

Firearms technology is fully matured and a few hundred years old. How long can we expect to regulate this knowledge? The mechanics behind the operation of a firearm is incredibly simple. Children can be (and often are) fully trained to operate, strip, and build a firearm. Once the materials science makes manufacturing simple, what hope do we have in implementing rational gun control?

The lower being the gun was always a bad idea. It should be the action.

I AGREE. AR-15's would be lumped in with a majority of rifles made since The 30's and not the target of such overreach. The action of the AR platform is so simple and elegant that underneath the plastics and tactical matte-black finish is a rifle no different than your grandpa's wooden stock hunting rifle. Regulating the action would only further highlight the irrational nature of such policy.

Again, I get where you are going with this, but most gun control is not rational--just stated as such to make people believe it really is. Gun control is just a tool politicians use to polarize the voter base. It's easier to keep finding a way to be re-elected than it is to cure the underlying socio-economic problems that produce the need or desire for people to resort to gun related crime. Don't believe me? Ask yourself why our president is looking to restrict Assault Rifles when 90% of gun crimes are commited with pistols and shotguns. The low hanging fruit isn't even being picked here.

Comment Re:Let me know when you can print quality steel, p (Score 1) 225

Ceramics--not really. Glock had this but quickly learned they were junk. High grade polymers--basicaly good quality plastic-- are now very common in firearms and have proven durability that rivals steel, with the added benefit of not rusting or adding lots of weight
I'm being a bit pedantic, but I think you catch my drift.

Comment Re:Less drama more substance (Score 3, Informative) 225

The lower receiver is the only part of the gun thats considered a gun by the law, and for good reason. It houses the magazine and the fire controls (safety, select fire--if applicable, trigger) and everything connects to it.

For a car analogy, its the frame and the engine. If you can make receivers, you're in the league with Ford and Toyota. If you make buttstocks and compensators, you're that company that sells import tuner supplies and curb feelers for gigantic low-riders.

Comment Re:And as a white parent who knows the realities . (Score 1) 622

The problem is the penalty for failure is vastly improportional between classes.

If you come from say...a lower middle class family, what's the penalty if you fail your first business, or fail to find a job after racking up $40k in loans? How many times can you afford to fail before the bank stops giving you money, or your parents can't afford to support you?

What's the worst that could happen if you came from a well-to-do family? Will they be cruel enough to force you out onto the streets while they live in a 7 bedroom house on the hill?

Comment MS not in Gang of Four.. then neither is Facebook. (Score 3, Interesting) 398

Microsoft is making money. Lots of it. Facebook has a really good idea on how to make money.

Make your predictions about MS failing...there's evidence to suggest they are going the way of the dinosaur. Facebook's Golden Goose on the other hand has yet to lay eggs.

Comment Re:1 billion users (Score 3, Insightful) 113

If he can make 4, so can the bozo that wants to create a fake account to for your pets, browsing ex girlfriends, gaming Farmville perks, and avoiding your boss' prying eyes.

In short, there aren't a billion people on facebook--nowhere near it. An important fact for businesses that are looking to tap into a network of "real" people.

Comment Re:Context? (Score 4, Insightful) 301

This should not be modded insightful, and the person should be glad that they posted as AC.

$130 per share would barely cover the amount of PURE CASH the company holds, let alone there assets in real estate, patents, office furniture/equipment etc.... Factor in other details such as...oh I dunno... actual profits... projected earnings and other profit making assets, one could argue that this is one of the few companies IN THE WORLD that deserve such a high valuation. How many multibillion dollar companies can you name that have the same profit margins as Apple? That's a tough list to compile. How many companies beat analyst estimates nearly every single quarter and post record profits on a regular basis?

Your opinion on share buyback is sound, however. It's popular right now to believe share buybacks are a waste of money. Investors don't seem to be moved very much by this gesture now days. You can rightfully argue the buyback plan is a waste, but on paper less stock available should equal more value per share.

Comment Re:Can they stop them all? (Score 1) 100

Lived there for a couple years. Booze is already free flowing, and is not a cultural taboo at all, at least in the west. Prostitution is huge too. Trannny's everywhere at night. Russian imported women too.

Not trying to take away from your message... just stating those two, from my experience, is alive and flourishing already.

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