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Journal Journal: Zealous users of operating systems

I know it is an old, worn out, haggard topic but I still do not understand completely the zealots of operating systems and/or hardware manufacturers. It is one thing to find that an OS that looks, feels, and works in a way that $luser clicks with. If that never happened then computing would not much be worth it. However the basic principles governing successful operating systems puts much of the core of each OS in alignment and makes them more similar than different. Most command line systems have some kind of prompt and many times the prompt value denotes the level of access a user has. Virtually all GUI systems give windowed views and generally function on top of a workspace of some kind. Widgets to close, minimize, or resize windows are common to all, and so on. And likewise hardware platforms have more in common than not. Oh the kind of instruction sets resident on the CPU vary, and sometimes internal architecture differs enough that parts in one system can't be used in a different one. But this even grows less frequent as standards are adherred to. Much of the growth of networking has been about getting diverse systems and platforms to be able to share and talk in meaningful ways. Ok, I'm beating the horse now.

Here is my point....

Why the fawck are some people so freaking religiously connected to their computer? In 10 years of meaningful computing I have used many systems and I have my likes and dislikes but in the end I recognize that computers are tools. I try to pick the tool that fits the job best. And when I invest my hard earned cash I make a compromise between aesthetics, and utility and pick a system that can do everything I need it to, is verstatile, and has a rich library of programs and applications. And now a days most any commonly sold consumer product gives you that.

Now mostly it is Mac users that are the zealots. But many users of linux are zealots too. And the windows zealots nowadays are usually so in context of professional computing because they have hooked into the "system" and are a Microsoft certified something or nother. And you see that some to a lesser extent for the Novell guys.

Ok so this rant is really driven about the response I got by making a joke post to a /. article on America's Army availability to Mac users. I made the joke about "don't ask don't tell" would be appropo for mac users. Sure I was playing the sterotype artsy-fartsy gay graphic artist mac user. But I cannot see why the joke was taken as a troll when it was said in a polite manner with an explanation that this was just a joke. Making jokes on Macs being ghey, or Windows being the big borg machine, or *nix users needing to work on personal hygiene should really be a way of adding humor to the community much in the way that musicians make jokes about players of different instruments.

I invite all computer users to see the similarities, differences, and purposes for different operating systems and hardware platforms. I invite computer users to consider their favorite boxen a tool. A thing to get jobs done be it entertainment, communication, or programming. I invite computer users to be less sensitive about their computer systems and detach a bit. One should get a sense of worth from within not based on a computer.

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Journal Journal: Wow...I *AM* a n00b 1

w00t! I get to do it like all the *kewl bois* FIRST POST FIRST POST!

Well sorta...

Yah wasted time....wasted bandwidth


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