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Comment Re:Luckily for them, this is Trump (Score 1) 173

I suppose it's a typical leftist mindset that people should be able to break contracts and essentially steal money from the other party by not fulfilling their obligations while pocketing the money. Apparently Trump doesn't agree with that. Good on him.

So now it's "leftist" when the Flim Flam Führer doesn't pay his contractors? It's "leftist" when he reneges on his debts? It's "leftist" when management helps itself to a pension fund?

Free clue: "leftist" does not mean "people I don't like."

Comment Re:Earth Will Be Choking On C02 (Score 1) 201

Do you really think that Republicans want dirty water and pollution choked skies?

It's not what anyone thinks; it's perfectly bleeding obvious. Exhibit A: Pat "the Rat" McCrory and his corrupt mollycoddling of Duke Energy.

Vote Third Party in 2016 and beyond.

Thanks for putting the Flim Flam Führer in office. But at least you kept your purity.

Comment Re:Good for India (Score 1) 813

Did you smuggle yourself into this country illegally?

Lots of illegals come legally and overstay their visas. But the Great Wall of Texas will solve everything.

There are a lot of people who want to give you a driver's license,

If people are going to be driving anyway, I want to make sure they know how.

the right to vote,

Citation needed.

and free health insurance.

Citation needed. And no, the Obamacare exchanges are not available to illegals.

Comment Re:Pat McCrory is a crook (Score 1) 222

Democrats goose-stepping? You ask five Democrats a question on any topic and you'll get at least seven different answers. And since your Presidential nominee is an outright Fascist, you guys can STFU about goose-stepping.

Democrats have no say in the governing of this state. None. The sweetheart deals with Duke Energy, the giveaway to big business and big Bible that is Pat's Potty Panic and now this sellout to Big Telecom are a Republican project and no one else's.

It is high time for the "party of personal responsibility" to start showing some.

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