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Comment Re:Pat McCrory is a crook (Score 1) 222

Democrats goose-stepping? You ask five Democrats a question on any topic and you'll get at least seven different answers. And since your Presidential nominee is an outright Fascist, you guys can STFU about goose-stepping.

Democrats have no say in the governing of this state. None. The sweetheart deals with Duke Energy, the giveaway to big business and big Bible that is Pat's Potty Panic and now this sellout to Big Telecom are a Republican project and no one else's.

It is high time for the "party of personal responsibility" to start showing some.

Comment Re:When is Government Going to Get Off Our Backs! (Score 1) 90

So Comcast steals from its customers because zOMG SOOOOCIALISM!
So Comcast puts you through the wringer for daring to cancel their "service" because zOMG SOOOOOCIALISM!
Don't put any rules at all on business and we'll all be drinking that free bubble up and eating that rainbow stew, just like we were about 1880 or so before the zOMG SOOOOCIALISTS! ruined everything.
And here I thought thievery was the fault of the thief, and Republicans were about personal responsibility.

Comment Re:Strong enough for a man, made for a woman (Score 1) 858

You didn't understand gamergate. It started with the exposing of corrupt and biased favorable gaming reviews.

The moderation system needs a "score: -1, total bullshit" setting.

Gamergate started when Anita Sarkeesian dumped her boyfriend, who then proceeded to demonstrate to literally the whole world that she was very wise to do so. Doxing, harassment and death threats are never OK and are never justified. It does not matter what the "SJWs" did, and engaging in such behavior only makes the "SJWs'" point for them.

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