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Comment Re:Reusing passwords (Score 1) 30

There is a number of services that are becoming available through a "passwordless" approach (either through email or sms authentication). I wish it could get mainstream because currently, the hardest part is explaining properly to users how to use the system. I wrote a post on this:

Comment Re:Solve the damn problem already- go passwordless (Score 1) 148

I started using a passwordless approach. Its been a couple of months now, and I recently wrote an article about this: Bottom line is, its possible to create a service that does not use passwords, but you still have to rely on other services (such as emails). And these are still protected by passwords...

Comment Re:I'm sure no one will misconstrue this at all... (Score 1) 101

These days, genomic labs use custom panels, seeking information only for SNPs related to the study and voluntarily ignoring the rest. Apple would definitely not want to store SNPs related to "proclivity to aggression", but they might be interested to know if you can metabolize lactose. It makes a lot of sense for them to store some carefully chosen parts of your DNA in an iPhone (the less sensitive parts). Apple planned to replace the wallet, why not also the medical bracelet?

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