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Comment Re: Another reason to use 2 factor auth (Score 1) 435

Unfortunately, I can't claim that was the problem. Instead, I'll plead "typing on a treadmill using the hideous onscreen keyboard of a Surface Pro".


The point was, 2-factor auth would take care of this. I'm certainly not happy with Russian intelligence trying to mess with the U.S. election (and yes, the evidence is strong they are: see here), but regardless, since Podesta's email was STILL open as of a few days ago when a password reset sent to it was used to hack his Twitter account, it seems clear some folks desperately need some help with securing their accounts.

P.S. yes, my account is original.

Comment Re:Cost them "potential" jobs? (Score 1) 252

I understand that there are a lot of applicants to weed through. What I'm saying is that I see little difference between weeding out based on being fooled by something like this and simply discarding every other application.

I'm no fan of sloppiness, either. But to me, this isn't a sign of sloppiness. It's a sign of being human.

Comment Re:Cost them "potential" jobs? (Score 2) 252

I think that's reaching. According to images of the interface, the "Send Mic Drop" button was right next to the correct one, it was orange (so more noticeable, and one might logically think it's the "send" button) and until one read the story, it wasn't even clear that it did something different than a regular "send".

I think you might be getting a little twitchy on the "roundfile" button yourself if you would treat something like this as disqualifying. Just my $0.02.

Comment Re: And by that he means (Score 1) 349

If you pay your taxes (you know, the money you owe for getting to live in the U.S. and receive services rendered), you don't get to say the money is "someone else's". We all get to decide what to do with it based on liberal democratic principles. And if you don't like it, start walking north or south. You'll eventually get to a situation I guarantee you'd like even less.

Of course, if you don't pay your taxes, then you're a thief. So much for moral authority, huh?

Comment Re: And by that he means (Score 1) 349

Was waiting for someone to point this out.

Social Security and Medicare are insurance programs into which workers pay. "Welfare" is usually defined as public assistance, including AFDC and TANF. NOT the same thing.

Personally I think if someone is going to brag about not needing evidence, they really shouldn't go on and prove they don't know what they're talking about by trying to provide it anyway. Keep it general, don't try to prove anything, and you'll last longer in an argument.

Comment Re:Science Fiction (Score 1) 213

I agree that biotech advancements have made the unthinkable very thinkable in a really short period of time.

As for the fears stated in the article - it's really not enough to be able to easily edit genes. You have to know which genes to edit. So while the technology is now extremely cheap and easy, the knowledge is what we're lacking -- which, as you say, for the short term, means the danger's a bit overblown.

Long term, we have a problem on our hands. This is awesome technology, for good or ill.

Comment Re:Cool! (Score 2) 460

I can also think of a few phenomena that this new sensing capability will really help to clear up. For example: when gamma ray bursts were first announced, we only knew that they were exceedingly powerful, and there were multiple possible explanations, including merging black holes.

With advanced LIGO, we might have been able to rule in or out that latter possibility (there are still unknowns that aLIGO could help us clear up).

There's more here than confirming what was already strongly suspected. This is the one space telescope that can see black holes and back to the Big Bang--things that no electromagnetic sensing system can allow us to observe.

Comment Re:If only... (Score 1) 264 had been paleontology or geology that had been 'rocked' by this case. But I'm struggling to understand why such a story is relevant to a science/technology news website?

Because one of the big questions about the science and technology fields are why women are so under-represented.

Stories like this contain at least part of the answer.

Perhaps, but I suspect that's a significant oversimplification. Gender interests in various topics are generally "dialed in" by mid-high-school age or before -- college major gender preferences reflect high school preferences. I strongly suspect high schoolers aren't choosing topics of interests based upon expectations of future harassment in related careers.

A much more viable theory revolves around "caste effects" -- we tend to internalize the perceived characteristics of groups with which we identify. This effect has been posited as an explanation for disparities in IQ scores that break down along socially-identified racial groups (even when the underlying genetics and socio-economics are much more complicated). In the context of this topic, males or females see what they think men or women are "like" and what they "do", and tend to develop interests accordingly.

As for harassment and the sciences: Obviously, it's a problem for those already in fields where (most likely) one gender or the other is significantly under-represented, and it could tend to reinforce such under-representation. But I think it's more a symptom than a cause.

Comment Re: Good? (Score 3, Informative) 230

The problem isn't the use of weapons with less collateral damage. The problem is the response from those who have nukes, but not the precision-guided, limited collateral damage variety.

It's a psychological issue--once nukes have been used, it's more feasible to respond by using nukes. And lest we think the psychology of the situation doesn't matter, remember that mutually assured destruction (MAD), which kept the world fron nuking itself back to the stone age for more than a half century, was and is based entirely on the psychology of nuclear weapon use.

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