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The Internet

Submission + - Why you should be concerned about Net Neutrality

gizmateer writes: "Net Neutrality is being argued heavily in congress, trade journals and all over the Internet. So, "What is Net Neutrality, and why should I care?"

For some, Net Neutrality could mean that companies providing internet connectivity will treat every packet flowing through their lines the same, no matter what the content, be it game data, bittorrent, streaming video, VOIP, forum posts, or standard browsing. For others, Net Neutrality means that packets will be given equal access on the network, no matter who the provider is (for example, the ISP won't block Yahoo but will block Google).

The writer of this article is against Net Neutrality in the first form but all for it in the second case. Personally, I'd go the opposite way."

Submission + - State of Microsoft source code revealed

An anonymous reader writes: From the Comes v. Microsoft case in Iowa comes an expert report filed by Andrew Schulman (author of Undocumented DOS and Undocumented Windows): ... 2. Microsoft can't keep track of its source code for Windows. Mr. Schulman's report, which was an exhibit to the deposition, reveals that Microsoft is unable to keep track of the source code for Windows. Mr. Schulman quoted from an April 2001 email written by Jim Allchin, in which Mr. Allchin complained that some components shipped with Windows did not check their source code into the Windows build tree: "Windows as you know contains many pieces of functionality from different groups around the company. Regardless of product, good engineering practice would require us to be able to do a fresh build of a product at any time using the same tools. Unfortunately, we cannot do this with Windows today. . . . We need all the source code for Windows being built out of one place with one consistent set of tools. It is actually amazing how we have not done this for so long. . . We need to be able to build what we ship long after we RTM. . . . There are legal obligations regarding our ability here. . . . There are 27 components . . . that are still dropping binaries [on Whistler]. . . ." As Ms. Conlin observed in a November 11, 2006 hearing: "Microsoft has made statements, public statements, reported statements that governments and third-party security auditors have conducted thorough and exhaustive reviews of its Windows source code. That, of course, can't be true if, in fact, they don't seem to have all of their Windows source code." (11-09-2006, Tr at 54:11-54:17). During that hearing, counsel for Microsoft confirm that Microsoft still is unable to keep track of its Windows source code. Mr. Schulman's report is posted online at p_Rpt_Andrew_Schulman.pdf

Submission + - Hotmail is broken when accessed with Firefox

An anonymous reader writes: I can log in to Hotmail just fine using IE (well, as fine as it's possible to surf the net with the porous, sucking sponge attached to a Petri dish that is IE...), but trying to log in with Firefox gets me this:

Windows Live ID is unavailable from this site for one of the following reasons:

* This site may be experiencing a problem.

* The site may not be a member of Windows Live ID.

It's from the exact same computer at the exact same time as the IE login works. The link is the incredibly difficult And it worked earlier today.

Maybe we need to send this to that trial in Iowa?

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