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Comment Children (Score 1) 236

You can tell that he is but a child, what kind of repression and ignorance was he raised amidst that caused him to believe his complete lack of honesty and morality can be throw away by attacking businesses with MUCH more integrity than he will ever learn to possess. He must be a christian.

Comment Re:Good article (Score 1, Troll) 790

Your husband does not have an allergy to cigarettes, it is biologically impossible. A large number of non-protein substances like Kleenex, paper dust, paint fumes, perfume, newsprint and cigarette smoke are erroneously called allergens, but they’re not. They do produce symptoms in many people, but it’s because they’re irritating, not allergic. Which means he is "allergic" to anything burning. Tobacco allergy does exist but only affects those who handle the raw leaves.

Comment No way (Score 2, Interesting) 432

In 1996 I called IBM Support about the fact that my IBM Aptiva was having memory problems. When they found out I had OS/2 Warp installed they refused to help unless I installed MS Windows. I have not purchased an IBM product since.

Comment Ummm (Score 4, Informative) 271

"An empty 500 GB Seagate hard drive usually sells for $140" This is factually inaccurate, the only way I can see you spending that much on a 500 gig drive, especially the typically bad Seagate drives is to buy them at Best Buy. For that much cash Newegg was selling a 2TB drive yesterday.

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