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Comment Re:This Is Completely Misleading (Score 1) 148

But it implies that all apps can be hacked, which is clearly misleading. Saying "Some Mac App Store Apps Already Hacked" would be more accurate, but much less sensational.

The way you are reading it, it should say "All Mac App Store Apps Already Hacked" but they never said all. The way it is written only implies that Mac apps in the store have been hacked, which is correct.

Comment Re:Oh common.. (Score 1) 391

How do you know they are? Unless you can prove, without a doubt, that you are acting in self-defence because there is actual, imminent and certain life-threatening events, you should not be firing a gun at someone with the intent to kill.

It's easier to prove when the other person isn't alive to discredit your story.

Comment ~3 months (Score 1) 543

I needed to get a laptop for college, and figured I might as well get an Alienware since I love to game on the go, and the couch. I've had it for a couple months now and love it. I passed off my 6 year old desktop to my brother who was using a 10 year old computer, so a few months ago would have been a completely different answer.

I still have my old computer from when I was growing up which would be in the 15 year range, but that has been collecting dust for 8 years.

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