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Comment Re:Meh. (Score 1) 82

At birth you have many more neurons than are needed for motor control and they are indeed fine tuned for coordination, but in adults there is far less plasticity in neuron growth/death. If you read the article it says a big part of what they are doing is determining best position for electrode placement. Well this isn't wholely different than what any other research lab does. The method being used it was makes this article unique otherwise we have monkeys trained to use robotic limbs with their thoughts right now. The research being done does not sound that useful when compared to what is already been done and is being polished in labs right now. The lab is just trying to get a wow-factor article because they are probably low on funding and hope to get noticed by DARPA. If the defense dept. funds foreign labs I cant say though.

Comment Re:Don't forget the ninjas (Score 1) 486

"But you can't say a race car has broken a land speed record if it takes a short cut through the center of the race track loop." Yes you can, if a car breaks a speed record taking said "shortcut" it still breaks the speed record. However since the distance it travels while going that speed makes no difference for it to the be the record it would be stupid to call it a "shortcut." My point is: your ramble ended as it began, incoherantly.

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