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Comment Re:Might as well be Windows 95 (Score 1) 140

opinion from outside the USA: both options are scary. But while Hilary is likely to "only" make wars in predictable places like Middle East so SE Asia, Trump seems like the guy who would for example make alliance Russia to nuke China, sacrificing Europe for Russian support.

I mean, many past presidents were horrible scum and liars; but DT makes no slightest trace of consistency, he denies obvious facts, invents stats etc.

Comment Re:Not actually an example of irony. (Score 1) 97

> I'm concerned if you're not using encryption on your network. If you are, those devices aren't doing anything of the sort.

I do use it, and I'm not telling about wifi.
But ... if they made custom stack (not 802.x whatever), even not tcp/ip but completely obfuscated p2p protocol - it they sell billions bulbs, theoretically they could send "delayed command of death" and suddenly large chunk of Europe/USA comes to dark ages. (Or even a special wave shape in AC power supply may be such signal).

Also think about controls in power grid and power plants in scenario similar to Stuxnet action in Iran. Think about controls of the dams. These would be isolated from internet; but may wait for the right signal eg. transmitted on FM/AM or from satellite.

Comment Re:Is anyone surprised? (Score 1) 97

how naive ...
This is not about racism. Whether you accept it or not, China and Russia have now real motivation to go into some sort of conflict with USA and UE. Just read recent RAND Corporation's "War with China".
Now, China remotely turning off everything they could in USA and UE: from PCs, routers to controls in power plants it reasonable and possible scenarion if war happends. And NSA turning these off in USA simply makes no sense.

As written earlier: I'm not 100% sure that Chinese led bulbs don't have some hidden "features".

Comment Re:Not actually an example of irony. (Score 5, Interesting) 97

exactly! I'm concerned if regular LED bulbs (not the wifi-enabled ones) don't have hidden functionalities, such as sending sound or images over wireless network or becoming bricked on command from China.
So any router, smartphone, security cam etc are even more suspicious.
Sure, "Western" brands also produce in China, but at least - theoretically - they control their products. In case of chinese brand + chinese design + chinese manufacturing option of "bricked on command" may be quite viable war scenario.

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