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Submission + - EPA clean-up in the hardware section.

KurtisKiesel writes: I propose the following predicament for your discussion. Imagine it is Christmas Eve in Yuppytown America. Two mischievous young adults decide to play a little ‘project mayhem’ at their local box store that is open late night. With long lines of last minute shoppers filling the store they walk over to the hardware section and topple over a shelf full of CFL light bulbs. The boxes hit the ground moments before the shelf lands and crushes no less than a few of the light bulbs. What happens? According to the EPA the area needs to be evacuated because of mercury gas, ‘step 1: Have people and pets leave the room’. CFL's have to have a very small % of breakages that occur in transit and there has to be accidental incidents of breakages on the showroom floor, why don't we hear of stores closing for cleanup?

Comment This is totaly not my case (Score 0) 969

I am in charge of IT at my office; staff under me are paid hourly, this has been dictated down from our human resource department. HR keeps telling me that there are new regulations not allowing IT staff to be exempt from overtime as salary employees because of massive abuse in the IT field. They also are telling me that oversight organizations are heavily monitoring for abuse. Additionally, HR forces me to have my staff get overtime approved 2 weeks in advance. I think HR read some random article somewhere and is turning opinion into fact, but I am not an expert in the salary field. I have great staff, but technically when we have a service fail late at night and my Senior Engineer restarts the service remotely we are breaking all sorts of internal rules. It is my wish to move all non-tier one staff to exempt salaries, but I need information to combat HR’s ‘they have to be hourly’ stance. Anyone out there an expert on these rules that could explain them in a comment?

Comment God... (Score 1) 1328

God chooses physically creating Hawking rather then replacing himself with Hawking. Hey Hawking, when you start to approach a singularity with all the 'stuff' in the universe physics like we know them go out the window. I am sure that disproved God. I use to think Hawkings was very smart, then I realized he was just an Atheist always trying to disprove God. This is nothing new, maybe we will disprove this new press release from Mr Hawkings in 2 or three weeks, maybe we can't. But I still have never seen a 'God doesn't exist' article from this man.

Comment Blackmale (Score 1) 1019

Tell him if you can't listen to music while you program then you will just publish his porn browsing habits to the shareholders. Or. That you will tell his secretary's Marine husband that yo have been banging her while he has been stationed over seas.

Comment Re:Space trash collection satellite (Score 1) 76

And what are the rules of salvage in space anyway? Finders keepers. The spacebot would have to change altitude and direction a lot. Somehow I think fuel would become a big issue. If it collected it would also gain more mass and require more fuel to change direction and altitude. Collecting does not seem to be the answer because of mass. It would have to be a pretty inteligent bot if it were to release water vapor clouds as well. You might inadvertently take down something important that can not correct it's own altitude quick enough. I think the whole idea is a nightmare in logistics and devise, it could take a really long time to devise a workable solution/

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