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Comment Nice Option for a Very Few (Score 2) 53

If the computer dies, the monitor is still just fine and dandy, and can quite often be swapped into another bezel (or be ballsy and build a custom PC case with the monitor as a side-panel. Kits exist for this exact thing and they're like $30.)

Technically that's a valid point, and I just found this video which admittedly makes it look like a productive (and fun!) project for the right sort of person. I even kind of want to tear apart one of my retired laptops now and do it (thx for the idea btw).

But practically, it will almost never happen, and this epitome of vendor lock-in will pay off (and the vendors know it). I mean, the same is true of laptops, but I've never known anyone who's done this; have you?

Comment All-in-One = One-Shot Monitor (Score 4, Interesting) 53

One of the most expensive components of your computer is your monitor, but it is also one of the most standardized and longest-lasting. Think about it: pretty much any monitor bought in the last 20+ years* (including CRTs) can be used with any computer or video card on the market, requiring at most a super cheap adapter.

But with an AIO, you lose this major advatage desktop systems have over laptops. You're still paying for the monitor, but have little to no choice in which model it will be, and you will only ever use it with this one computer. And when the computer dies, the monitor is finished too (even if it's in working condition).

* Yeah, I know analog/VGA is starting to go away. I still holds for digital.

Comment Comment Totals (Score 5, Informative) 35

Added post counts in case anyone else is interested:

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Comment Shamus Young Tried It (Score 4, Informative) 102

Two great articles by Shamus Young show just what a trainwreck the Windows Store is:

I'm sure most here already knew that, but he really lays out how MS doesn't seem to care about the customer experience or competing with Steam (just muscling them out through lock-in). It's sad that Valve can't seem to make the Steambox concept work, but if MS's platform is the one that succeeds, then we all lose.

Comment Powerful, But Are They In Charge of Gundam? (Score 1) 225

The Japanese Agricultural Association (JA) is a very powerfull association that distorts vast amounts of money from the Japanese farmers like Italian mobsters. Money that the government wants to have but it did not have any means to take on the JA.

Of course not, because the goverment Agricultural Ministry is not in charge of Gundam. We might have finally found out who is, though.

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