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Comment KDE-Look a ghost town (Score 1) 515

Um, duh. Plasma 5 is by far the best looking desktop out there. And if you don't like the default, well, it comes with four other Plasma themes, two icon themes, three window decoration themes, and five app widget themes (two by KDE and three by Qt itself).

Apparently there is enough choice already.

Comment Re:Let's hope that Plasma 4 is kept as an alternat (Score 1) 60

Should have remained in the oven for two more releases at the very least.

The story is about openSUSE Tumbleweed, a rolling release distribution for advanced users.
Regular openSUSE still comes with Plasma 4.
openSUSE 13.3 has not even been dated yet and will come with a future Plasma 5 version.

Apparently you use (K)Ubuntu: Their QA track record regarding anything by KDE is absolutely horrible and their reputation for jumping onto new features way too early. Read the "Suitability and Updates" paragraph of https://www.kde.org/announceme...
KDE has been absolutely forthcoming. Plasma 4 is maintained until at least August 2015 for a reason.

Comment Re:Article confuses "on Linux" with FOSS (Score 1) 223

If you actually read TFA, in the introduction he says that with a good video editor, video shops could be all-Linux shops. The intro doesn't say "free free free", it's about something that can do the job on Linux.

Quote from TFA: "I often ask myself what the current state of video editing is for free and open source software (FOSS)."

Does this wording really mean "proprietary software under Linux"? To me it does not but maybe that's because I'm not a native English speaker.

Comment Re:Not to mention Audio Editing (Score 1) 223

Audacity 2.0 introduced multi-track editing, but your comment still stands. It's not suited for any realistic workflow or editing audio synced with video.

Have you ever tried simple wave editing in a surround sound file?
Among the non-professional / low-end tools Audacity is apparently the only wave editor to support that at least to some degree (although the channel mapping window when saving is awkward).

In the end I used ffmpeg and SoX

Comment Re:Not to mention Audio Editing (Score 1) 223

Sadly though, Reaper (for Windows only) is the DAW you want to use, not Ardour (Linux) or even Pro Tools (Windows, sort of industry standard for small / amateur projects). You can trust me on that one (because I've used different tools in real projects) or or have a look at a few forum threads to see what others say. No affiliation. It's just better and it makes things easier.

And others say Reaper, the product of former Winamp developers, sucks and you should use Ableton Live instead. Others say Logic Pro.

I'm not a musician myself but I know a few and each has their own preference.

Comment Re:Not to mention Audio Editing (Score 2) 223

In your opinion, which is obviously heavily skewed towards FOSS.

I had to do some simple editing (changing speed and so on) in a 2h audio file a few months ago. GoldWave 5 was completely unusable â" it just crashed. GoldWave 6 beta worked but at super slow speed on a 64 bit Win 8.1 Core i7 system. After 15 Minutes of waiting for the FLAC file to save, I just gave up. (GoldWave was my first wave editing love, so if anything my opinion was skewed towards that.)

Audacity was (and still is) not pretty but unlike GoldWave it worked. I prefer working software over non-working software and as simple wave editor Audacity does the job.

Comment Re:Attitudes (Score 1) 223

So the expectation that an application doesn't randomly crash-to-desktop makes one "spoiled"?

Your attitude to claim that all FOSS developers just accept crashes makes you spoiled.
Not every bug is reproducible everywhere. If a bug does not occur or the developer's system, it's not his fault.

Comment Re:Not to mention Audio Editing (Score 1) 223

I'd still rather use Cool Edit from 1998 than Audacity. I'm glad we have a free tool like Audacity, but I currently use Adobe Audition 1.0 (they bought Cool Edit way back) running in Wine, which is a much better solution IMO.

If you want something like Adobe Audition, you should get something like Adobe Audition and not try to use a simple wave editor as DAW substitute. Get Bitwig Studio: https://www.bitwig.com/en/bitw...
I heard it's by former Ableton people, so they know their stuff.

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