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Comment Re:So Obama is in the same catagory as (Score 1) 398

Jobs, and Zuckerberg? Like this article is trying to compare the Guinness's of this century? Am I missing something, because usually smart people like Jobs, and Zuckerberg use their brains to create magnificent things, what is Obama great creation? The deficit?

Sooo many things are wrong with this comment that it is utter genius...

Comment Re:Arrogant to presume no life. (Score 1) 239

Just because there are no detectable radio signals doesn't mean there is no life, it may just be pre-industrial. WWII pushed us into the modern era. Without that we may still be using megabytes or even kilobytes and leaded gas. Maybe there is a planet with a single race and less aggressive tendencies, they may develop in a different fashion, while being advanced they may not be pumping massive RF for long-enough for us to detect. Not every species is going to be or was as addicted to TV and Radio as we are.

I'm usually pretty quick to throw the 'arrogance' card myself but this isn't arrogance. We simple don't have any better way of detecting life over interstellar distances. Your point is completely valid. There might be life at Gliese 581, there might even be intelligent life but just can't tell. Hopefully some day we will come up with a better way of searching for life but given the distances involved I doubt it'll ever be any kind of direct observation. Look up the Drake equation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drake_equation for a simplified mathematical approach to estimating the number of detectable civilizations out there. Life could be teeming in the universe but it may be next to impossible to find out for sure.

Comment Re:...Or you could just not go to porn sites (Score 1, Informative) 430

This "tradition" is almost as savage as the Taliban's treatment of women. This state of affairs saddens me very much.

"Almost" is not appropriate here. Orthodox Jews don't rape nine-year olds, kidnap girls of other religions, stone rape victims to death for adultery, etc. A backward prachice? Yes. Savage like Islam? No.

Yes it is. Religion is religion no mater the name. They are all depraved freaks willing to commit untold atrocities in the name of their made up god.

Comment Re:The Lost Discoveries of Hydralic Fracturing (Score 2) 145

The trouble with the current "enlightned" study is a lack of knowledge of how to search bookstacks, those in a Library, to find the printed USGS bullitens, circulars and research papers since they have not been scanned, parsed and made searchabel by electronic database search technologies.

Oh, and what do you base this on Mr. 'Anonymous Coward'? Would you like to back up your claims of scientific misconduct or don't you believe in facts either?

Comment Re:According to polls (Score 1) 232

90% believe in a god, 55% believe they are protected by guardian angels, 54% believe in psychic abilities, 41% believe in demonic/devil possession.

People believe in a lot of really dumb things.

If I had any mod points I would mod this up as being both insightful and true. People believe some crazy things

Comment Re:Success? In going up sure... (Score 4, Informative) 39

They manually aborted the burn after 21 seconds because the trajectory wasn't stable and they wouldn't risk it leaving the range. The parachutes were then deployed while the rocket was still supersonic something they were never designed for and shredded. However, the unstable trajectory was more less expected as the HEAT 1x has no active stabilization. Next years version should have active stabilization, though. Still, a quite successful launch attempt I think, especially considering the pricetag of a mere $60K!

Comment Re:I don't see it. (Score 1) 306

You are assuming "they" would be coming here to meet us. Earth has been able to sustain life for a lot longer than 80,000 years, more than sufficient for anyone advanced enough to notice. I know it's folly speculate on the reasoning of an alien species but a life sustaining world might just be interesting enough for them to come looking. I know we would love to find out how life had developed on a different planet.

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