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Comment Not feeling your editorializing here (Score 1) 255

I would only want to hear from a copyright lawyer on the issue. One thing that's undeniably true, the internet is filled with amateur videos by Star Trek and superhero fans, many of them quite authentic in terms of characters, costumes, etc. The unwritten rule for years has been that as long as the creators don't profit from it, no one will object. I don't know if there's legal precedence or not, but that's how it's been. Example:

Comment Windows will never be the same without Gates (Score 1) 516

Windows was never about the look or design. It's about functionality, customization, and widespread adaptation. Somehow Gates communicated this without saying it. Windows may still be a success, but it seems to bounce around aimlessly in these ways now, satisfying no one. If you want sumptuous design, go with Apple. If you want no frills nuts and bolts, go with Linux. If you want the most universally used OS on the planet, you go with Windows. Microsoft: stop trying to be Apple! Gamers don't care, Grandma doesn't care, the people on the assembly line don't care, the employee at the POS screen doesn't care. They aren't using Windows for its looks.

Comment Not so fast... (Score 1) 271

They have so many long games over there. I'll believe it when I see it. Just because Bing and Yahoo have scored some strategic alliances eating at some of their core business? Please. This is not another Atari, where phalanxes of clueless idiots are pissing away the business. A lot of Silicon Valley businesses, like Google and even Facebook (yes, I said Facebook) have a lot going on that most are completely unaware of. Big, smart things going on.

Comment I already discovered where to go instead... (Score 1) 242

If you find yourself needing that ethernet cable when you're helping Grandma with her new computer, and you can't use Prime Fresh, or go to Best Buy, or wait for mail order, try the local PC repair shops, or maybe you'll even get lucky and find an old school mom-and-pops electronic store in the area. They often have everything you'd walk into Radio Shack for, minus the pitch for an extended warranty.

Comment I finally had my third cup of Kool-Aid (Score 1) 307

I got hooked on Macs and iPhones a while ago. I was never an iPad guy, but when the Air came around, it had the specs to appeal to me. I still resisted, then when the Air 2 came out, I had to treat myself. I love the fuck out of that thing. It's light and fast and lasts for ages and is glorious to look at. I actually have a Logitech bluetooth keyboard cover and there's very little I can't do with it, in terms of leisure and productivity. I'm hooked. Well played, Apple, well played.

Comment Re:Yes. (Score 1) 227

Theories aside, you have a solid point.

Science celebrities (DeGrasse-Tyson, Sagan, etc) would be awesome proponents of science... if they would stop yapping politics. Seriously, scientific discovery and history are wonderful things. Enticing folks into wanting to know more about our world and universe is an awesome thing.

But... when you have some scientist-turned-celebrity yammering on and on and on about some purely political viewpoint (and worse, misrepresenting opposing ones and falling victim to even the most basic of logical fallacies), then it sucks.

A good example of a science celeb? Dr. Michio Kaku. Dude sticks to science for the most part, and doesn't try to recruit political acolytes to gain points, controversy, or notoriety.

But they don't exist in a vacuum. Politicians and religious leaders are shouting all this jargon, and both journalists and pseudo-journalists ask them questions about it, and someone has to respond to it. As the press has recently caught on about, the creationist movement cleverly gamed the system so that their pseudo-scientific views were on a par with mainstream scientific views-- "teach the controversy". There really isn't a controversy. If scientists somehow all refused to respond, then the public would be even more misled, I would think.

Submission + - WSJ refused to publish Lawrence Krauss' response to "Science Proves Religion".

Kubla Kahhhn! writes: Recently, the WSJ posted a controversial piece "Science Increasingly Makes a Case for God", written by non-scientist and darling of the apologist crowd, Eric Metaxas. Noted astrophysicist Lawrence Krauss wrote a simple and clear retort in a letter to the editor, which the WSJ declined to publish. Is it an example of the kind of "fair and balanced reporting" we can expect, now that Wall Street Journal is owned by Rupert Murdoch?

Comment Not surprised, especially vs TV (Score 1) 400

Right now TV is arguably in its greatest era, and there has been a glut of really mediocre films, so I'm not at all surprised. You can go to the theaters and pay a fortune for movies that can't crack 7.5 on IMDB, or you can sit at home with your gigantic TV screen and watch Walking Dead, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Hannibal, True Detective, Game of Thrones, and that's a fraction of what's available at home in the US, and I haven't even hinted at British and European television. Plus, if you get started on any TV show and it's not grabbing you, you can just switch to something else. The movie industry really has to step up its game.

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