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Comment Re:For some reason (Score 1) 263

SATA bus speeds don't really mean anything about actual disk performance, but I can tell you a current generation 3 TB 7200 RPM SATA drive can exceed well over 150 MB/s sequential writes, and I see one for $150 on Newegg right now. I've even see a 2.5 inch 1TB drive hit 125 MB/s. Really the only trouble I see is how fast I could fill up 3 TB on a gigabit link :)

Comment Re:Clean Power (Score 1) 1049

I've found that unless you have nice clean power, CFLs don't last any longer than regular bulbs. Not everyone gets 60 Hz pure sine, 120V+-1% to their house. Older wiring, older part of town, etc. I rented an apartment that had me replacing CFLs once a month (until I realized it was the apartment and not a fluke and switched back). You still can't beat 4 bulbs for $.99.

I have the exact opposite experience. I live in a 60 year old house with various electrical oddities and several fixtures that would blow out incandescent bulbs after about 2 months. Replaced them with CFLs and they've lasted years.

My gripe with CFLs are that some have this odd delay when first turning on that drives me crazy, or some turn on dim and then gradually get to full brightness, and then *a few* work perfectly. And it's really hard to find those ones that work well.

Comment Re:App Store looks interesting... (Score 1) 827

I don't know, I could see the eventual scenario where the launcher checks to see if an executable is signed before it is permitted to run. We won't wake up one day to find out OS X has been restricted like this. We'll wake up one day and realize OS X hasn't been updated in years and has been replaced by iOS which has these restrictions built in.

In the realm of Linux I can easily say with 100% certainty there will never come a time when all apps have to come through one official "app store." But Mac... I just honestly can't be sure of that. It seems like all roads are pointing to there.

People are arguing about a 30% cut being a big deal, but it's really not. The big deal will be when their app gets rejected from the store because it "duplicates system functionality" or is sexually explicit or some other such bs.

Comment Re:The industry can take all the time it needs (Score 3, Interesting) 313

Unfortunately these are Western Digital "Green" drives. Speaking as someone who works at a company that sells RAID devices, their Green drives suck for RAID. They're slow (they're usually not even 5400 rpm), and they like to timeout and drop out of the RAID frequently. We saw this same scenario when 2TB drives were released and only the low-speed/low-power drives were available at the beginning. We'll have to wait a few months before proper 3 TB drives are out there.

Comment What about the next iPhone? (Score 2, Insightful) 476

So if Apple claims the "pixel density is so high, your eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels" ... does that mean the iPhones v5, 6, 7, etc will continue to use the same resolution display since nothing higher will be noticeable by humans? Or is it obviously more likely that displays will continue to improve for the foreseeable future. Coming in 2011: iPhone featuring the revolutionary Retina Display HD!

Comment Re:I'm all for this (Score 2, Informative) 141

Example case - trailers from trailers.apple.com - the ones hosted at apple typically demand that you have Quicktime installed (obviously since Quicktime is their technology). Quicktime might be dandy on the Mac but is most definitely god awful on the PC - much worse than Flash, in fact I'd put it in the same category as Adobe Reader or Real Player plugins.

Further more, Quicktime's browser plugin assigns itself as the default player for many types of media - including mp3 files. So every time I click on an .mp3 link in Firefox, the Quicktime plugin fires up and starts playing it - and its player sucks. Also, since it's impossible to install iTunes without Quicktime, every time I install or upgrade iTunes I have to go through and decrap-ify all the mime associations for Quicktime.

Yes I will be happy when Quicktime dies.

Comment Re:MULTIPLE Exchange accounts?! (Score 1) 983

Account options > More options > Advanced > Open These Additional Mailboxes

Unfortunately that method opens up the secondary mailbox in the same context as the primary account - same server, same login credentials.

However... I've been using the Office 2010 beta and FYI they finally added true multiple-exchange account support.


Games Workshop Goes After Fan Site 174

mark.leaman writes "BoingBoing has a recent post regarding Games Workshop's aggressive posturing against fan sites featuring derivative work of their game products. 'Game publisher and miniature manufacturer Games Workshop just sent a cease and desist letter to boardgamegeek.com, telling them to remove all fan-made players' aids. This includes scenarios, rules summaries, inventory manifests, scans to help replace worn pieces — many of these created for long out of print, well-loved games...' As a lifelong hobby gamer of table, board, card and miniature games, I view this as pure heresy. It made me reject the idea of buying any Games Workshop (read Warhammer) products for my son this Christmas. Their fate was sealed, in terms of my wallet, after I Googled their shenanigans. In 2007 they forbid Warhammer fan films, this year they shut down Vassal Modules, and a while back they went after retailers as well. What ever happened to fair use?"

Comment Competition is good (Score 1) 514

The jury is out on whether or not Microsoft can compete with Google, but man I would be glad if they could.

Back in the early haydays of the Internet, if you couldn't find something with your favorite search engine, there was always a dozen others you could try. Yahoo, Hotbot, Infoseek, Netscape, Lycos, Ask Jeeves, Infoseek, AOL, Altavista, etc etc. It was likely that you could find different results with each engine.

Everyone is correct that Google dominated the market because they got it right, but the problem that arises is the same that comes with any monopoly. If I can't find something with Google then I'm pretty much SOL. Even when I know for a fact what I'm looking for is out there somewhere, Google has failed me many times. I truly look forward to competitors which take different approaches, because ultimately it gives users better options for searching the web.

Comment Re:Integrated email? (Score 2) 185

It's never been advertised as a lightweight alternative to Firefox. In fact it's the exact opposite - it's a browser suite for those that prefer the everything-and-the-kitchen-sink model. When Firefox (or Phoenix I think it was originally called) spun off from Mozilla, the original suite began a steady decline into obscurity. The bastardization that was Firefox focused on stripping away many of the useful features under the premise of trying to build a "lighter" browser (I think they failed, Firefox is still a huge memory hog). Finally, the Mozilla organization officially closed down the suite project and let it become resurrected as a community project and then was born Seamonkey - an effort to restore the glory of the all-in-one suite but still keep it on track with the code updates that went into Firefox.

I know it's hard for some of you to understand, but please be accepting in that there are some of us that just prefer it this way.

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