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Comment Re:Easy (Score 1) 1091

The IS poster is simply saying that for TGs, the surgical alteration to make them some form of apparent IS is optional from a physical perspective, and if I'm not mistaken expensive.

Yes I agree, that is exactly what the OP has said, what I take offense to is the fact that it was said, and that it was said with the intent of legitimizing IS people at the expense of TG people in the eyes of society,.. or in this case, slashdotters.
I am not bent out of shape, I am not angry, I am not upset,I am not sensitive, I am merely calling someone out on something they said that in my opinion is a wrong thing to say.

Which is why she qualified that statement.

Well, OK, you can qualify any statement but it does not erase the intent or the effect of the statement.
As an example, what If I were to say "No offense to you black people, but you guys can't swim very well!", would the "No offense" erase any of the offense? I would think no, this is a pretty mild example but the possibilities are endless.

Y'all are too sensitive. Not that you don't have reason to be. So lighten up on the girl.

Well I can't speak for others but I can't say I am sensitive. Merely trying to right the wrong perceptions about my and other's gender/sex status, saying nothing would be negligent.
One example of this is the way kids these days use the word "gay" = "bad", even people who have gay friends, saying nothing is permitting the practice to continue.

Personally, I find the whole surgical alteration a bit creepy, but totally logical. In fact, I find it hard to fathom why all G&L people don't do it. Based on my limited understanding of the whole thing. I mean if you're attracted to the same sex, the best chance of finding the best mate is to alter your parts to maximize potential relations with the sex you're attracted to. Fortunately, for me, I don't have that problem. I like women and I have all the necessary parts interact with them. My heart goes out to those poor souls that don't fit into the "right" pegs.

I do understand your logic and it is certainly not a stupid conclusion to come to without having experienced BEING transgendered or transsexual, but that's simply not how it works.
Infact, the incidence of MtF(Male-to-Female) Transsexuals who are attracted to females, and the incidence of FtM(Female-to-Male) Transsexuals who are attracted to males are quite high.
I think it's hard to explain to a cisgendered person when your brain says you are female/male and your body is the opposite, you can't go against how your brain is wired.

Comment Re:Easy (Score 5, Interesting) 1091

I too am a transgendered slashdotter,
And as I see it, being transgendered is not a choice, just like being born with any condition is not a choice, if someone has gender dysphoria, it's there, there is no choice about that. While technically choosing to transition IS a choice, to me it's kind of like the choice between fleeing a burning building or letting it engulf you in flames.

I don't really understand your need to use transgendered people as a way to validate yourself to slashdotters or society, as I too have been "dealt an unusual hand and society often punishes us for it because we do not conform to the norm." Surely you understand that gender dysphoria is not something anyone chooses?

As for sports, If I were even interested in competing, I would compete as a woman and I would not feel like I was cheating, I have been on HRT since before puberty so I don't understand how I would have an unfair advantage. Though I would rather see sports not segregated by sex at all, just let everyone compete together, OR have seperate leages based on bodysize/musclemass/whatever.

Comment Re:Current deadline, in case anyone's interested (Score 1) 315

Why the heck would HP, Apple, and every other publicly-traded company with /8s give back address space when they could lease it?

As I believe leasing IP space in that manner violates IANA rules.

This may very well be right, I don't know, but all it means is that these companies with /8s will have a huge incentive to buy/get bought by a major ISP. If you can't lease the address, lease the company :)

Comment Re:The thing that gets me... (Score 1) 315

...is that even new devices don't support IPv6, even when they're in entirely controlled address spaces.

For example, why the hell don't, for example, cell phones internet capabilities have IPv6? I mean the IPv6 routing would seem exactly designed for cell phones, devices external to the network don't need to reach them, and it's a frickin closed system with device upgrades fairly quickly. If we can't even use IPv6 in closed systems like that, it has failed.

1. 95% of the cellphones in existence don't last much longer than a couple of years 2. Most people get new cellphones when they renew yearly or bi-yearly 3. Just because the cellphone industry does not implement something does not mean it is "epic fail", by that logic this world is full of fail.

The reason, of course, is because IPv6 is, in fact, an EPIC FAIL in actually working, because no one apparently bothered to figure out any sort of actual transition for it.

Again, you've got a funny definition of failure considering IPv6 is already working on many internet backbones and in other instances, some ISPs are using IPv6 for their internal modem addresses now even.

It's like, if instead of self-driving cars, they invented self-driving micro-monorails and expected us to buy them. But, don't worry, they have a handy monorail carrying rack we can install on top of our car that not that hard to set up so we can carry our monorail to the monorail tracks fifty miles away.

This analogy is somewhat amusing and cute in a stupid way..., but it's also is completely inaccurate, the modern internet today is based on layer upon layer of encapsulation, Vlans within QnQ tunnels, MPLS/Tag Switching encapsulations and what-not, not to mention data within TCP headers within packets within frames. So realisticly we have been carrying monorails on top of other monorails on the roofrack of our car tied to the roof of our other car all this time, encapsulation is not a bad thing, or a rediculous thing, it's how the internet works.

D. J. Bernstein is an ass, but he's right about this.

IPv6 should have been built by changing the damn format of the packets, but using the exact same IPv4 addresses with a specific prefix, routed exactly the same place. Any router that talked to devices that didn't understand IPv6 could just 'dumb it down' to IPv4, and, they should eventually do the same in reverse!

So instead of updating the TCP/IP protocol properly we should encumber it with even more hacks? How is this any different than what can already be done with the tunneling mechanisms already in place? Besides, you can already embed your ipv4 addresses in your ipv6 address, let's say you did not want to convert your internal network to ipv6, that's cool, you get your 64 bit ipv6 prefix from your ISP, let's say FECE:5:CAFE::, and combine it with your internal addresses, e.g. FECE:5:CAFE::, although this is not really embedding ipv4 packets in ipv6 packets it will help save your memory.

At some point, as routers and OSes got replaced, large amounts of traffic on the internet would end up being IPv6 their entire distance, and at that point we can start assigning the IPv6 addresses that don't have a equivalent IPv4 one.

Just so you know, ALL ipv4 addresses have something like a 64-bit ipv6 RANGE dedicated to them, but I forget the details exactly. Also, all the modern major routers(Cisco) and OSes already support IPv6, even windows!

And, incidentally, we should keep the IPv4 network operational forever. 95% of the people can give their IPv4 addresses back, and as people stop connecting IPv4 devices, routers and whatnot will lose the ability to speak to them but there will still be some devices that cannot be upgraded, some embedded device that speaks only IPv4 or whatever.

I bet you a billion trillion dollars that IPv4 will still exist on some private networks in 40 years. This will probably take the form of a SOHO router with IPv4 NAT overload, and also acting as an IPv6 router, using dual stack system on the computers and the router this will mean that every computer still gets it's private IPv4 address for old applications and such, and also gets it's publicly routable IPv6 address, IPv4 will still most likely be dead in the backbone/service provider level, so it's just IPv6-->Natted private IPv4, but IPv4 will still live on somewhere.

The company should be able to keep an IPv4 address, and require people to install one of the routers that can still upconvert in front of the device, and it gets routed over the internet and back just like anything else, because, for almost all the trip, it's IPv6. There would be no reason to ever turn off the subset of IPv6 that is IPv4.

Instead we invented a new fucking network that doesn't interact with IPv4 at all. Yes, yes, you can get IPv6 versions of IPv4 addresses, but routers and OSes do not automatically translate them. And it's actually against the rules for someone to try to contact a IPv4 server 'over' IPv6. They have to use their IPv4 address, like there should be a difference.

This is just crazy-talk, do you have any idea how un-informed you sound?

Comment Re:So wait a second... (Score 1) 501

I use the proprietary Nvidia driver, and I'd really rather not but the nv driver does not yet support 3D Acceleration, and I am a gamer so I need the 3D acceleration.

Alternative to not having 3D acceleration is using some proprietary game console or installing windows or something, I consider these options as worse options for me.

I prefer free software and always like to use a free software program rather than proprietary when an adequite free software alternative exists, but I am not worthy as RMS is.

Not really a 'newbie' either, been using Gentoo for 3-4 years now, and while I am not a serious Linux geek (I'm a Network Engineer by trade, not a System Admin,..), I generally know my way around a Gnu/Linux box.

Comment Re:I don't get it... (Score 1) 198

Perhaps it's just the fact that secretaries generally spend much of their time word processing they have more time with which to learn the program and make everyone else look bad.

I have found my female intuition not up for the challenge of figuring out Powerpoint, or Word 2007 for example,.... only MS office suite applications I've gotten a handle on are Outlook and Visio 2007 because that is what I use most as a network engineer. I write word documents about once a week, tops, thankfully.

It's not even that the 2007 ribbon interfaces are better or anything, it's just change for the sake of change, and "looking cool" or some such.

Comment Re:I think it's the other way 'round ... (Score 1) 269

I have to agree with your sentiment,
GNU/Linux gaming has made great strides in the last few years,
Particularly, WINE has recently been released as 1.0, and it shows.

Some Linux native games I enjoy,..
Alien Arena
Astro Menace
Never Winter Nights
Sauerbraten (Plays like a tech-demo unfortunately, but has promise)
SMAC (with Alien Crossfire expansion)
UFO: Alien Invasion
Nexuiz (AWESOME!!1)
Open Arena
Unreal Tournament Classic
Warzone 2100

And under WINE,..
Sim City 4
Guild Wars
Diablo II

Comment Re:Forget open source games, try ANY games (Score 1) 269

Alright, so now everyone uses GNU/Linux with a suite of non-free software utilities and games which they paid for but never really own.

What's the point of Linux adoption if this is the case?
I have honestly never really understood people that want to 'promote linux adoption' just for the sake of promoting it.
Why not just keep using Microsoft Windows or Mac OS?
At best the use of non-free software should be a temporary measure until an adequite free software alternative is produced, but never should it be a final solution.

Comment Steam Power! (Score 1) 695

Ok, it depends what you're going for, if you live in an area where free wood by the side of the street is commonplace Steam-Powered Generators are pretty awesome, I've been wanting to build one for ages because I'm drowning in free wood, plus the awesome, one example here; http://www.otherpower.com/steamengine.shtml These people got 2Kilowatts out of theirs, which could power probably a fridge OR a wall unit AC + minor appliances and lighting without a battery bank. This can also come in handy if the power is out AND the gasoline supply has been cut off for a long period of time, or if gasoline is just way too expensive. If that's just too damn exotic and awesome for you, and if money is a limiting factor and you want to DIY; Car Alternator + Mower Engine + 110VAC Inverter works wonders. Or you can just buy a portable consumer-grade generator like normal people, and take it out with extension cord when needed. How often do you plan to have your power out? Do you really need a robust whole-house system?

Comment I feel cheated (Score 1) 198

Why is Ubuntu listed twice? How are things that have been around for years the "coolest of 2008"? What's with all the distros? Desktop utilities and relatively normal GNU/Linux distros that have been around for some time are not the COOLEST products of 2008,.. Where are all the FOSS Games listed? Where is Nexuiz? Where is AlienArena? Where is KDE 4?

Comment Re:I don't get it... (Score 5, Interesting) 198

I don't think it's just me,.. but I was pretty much crippled when forced to use Microsoft Office Suite 2007 at work for the first week or so. The whole ribbon bullshit interface just seems completely counter-intuitive to me. Not to mention the unexpected way Microsoft Word 2007 handles simple things, It seems like I spend 20 minutes writing a document, and hours trying to make an unwanted line-gap go away, or trying to figure out some stupid header or footer issue. Somehow even LaTeX seems easier to use. Anyway, OpenOffice seems pretty intuitive to me for most uses, such as simple text editing, which is what most people sans-OCD do pretty easily anyway on pretty much any text editor. While the total cost of migrating to OpenOffice in most offices is most definately not 0, it's probably not higher than Microsoft Licenseing fees, and even if they were I think in the long run it could still save the company money, as most users have to re-learn MS Office every few years anyway.

Comment Re:But what about bandwidth caps? (Score 1) 379

Comcast has it right for offering a 250GB cap. Very realistic and for the customer.

Umm, I would see the 250GB cap as acceptable if: 1. They did not advertise unlimited, but the 250cap. 2. They provided a method for monitoring your usage of the service,... as it stands I must guess or log my own usage, and that's just not right for a limitation they have imposed upon me, I am generally keeping my transfer under 8 gigs a day and hoping I don't go over. 3. Their CSR and their CSR's manager had not lied to me when I was signing up for comcast and told me that the service is unlimited and there is absolutely no cap. 4. They offered a Higher Residential Tier service that was REALLY unlimited I would gladly pay 200% more for such a service. I wish I did not have to have Comcast, AT&T is just about as evil and uses an inferior technology (DSL), Independant DSL providers like speakeasy are cool but just too far out of my price range for the transfer I want. No Fios in my area (Had at my old home and it was good, but still evil, Verizon reportedly ripped out a lot of copper that our tax monies paid for.).

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