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Journal KshGoddess's Journal: Movie: Little Miss Sunshine 9

We don't generally go to movies. We've got other things going on, for the most part, and for the rest of it, dropping $20 to see parts of a movie (with children shrieking, people yakking through the film, cellphones ringing, etc.) that may or may not be worth seeing doesn't really appeal.

That aside, GO SEE LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE. GO NOW. Stop reading this JE and go.

The way it was described by Fandango wasn't very flattering. The trailer may or may not be flattering; I've got no sound now. But what are you doing clicking on things? I told you to go see the film.

It's sweet, it's laugh-out-loud funny, and it's a great "bonding" film. It reminds me in that aspect of "the Ref". Only without Denis Leary.

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Movie: Little Miss Sunshine

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  • I haven't heard a single negative thing about it.
    • it's a great movie. The writing is great, the actors are "right", the house doesn't have that 'artificial richness' to it, the vw bus is... interesting. :D
    • by leoPetr ( 926753 )
      It's wonderful. I really liked it.:)
    • It's awful. For God's sake, don't see it. You're only wasting your time.

      Well, I'm happy to have been the first person to say something negative about it to you.

      Now I just have to go and see it.



      • Awesome, eth.
        Wait. I mean, you suck and stuff.

        It's a Good Movie. Even though it's rated R. It reminded me of "Big Fish" in that dysfunctional family heartwarming story kinda way. Although there aren't any all-singing all-dancing scenes in it like in big fish, it's got the same 'feel'.
  • Rick James inspires...
  • but may have to wait for the DVD. It sounded quirky and I like quirks.
    • Go see it! It's utterly fantastic in that "this was horribly awkward but wow do I feel great now!" sort of way.

      No waiting for DVD. To the theater you go. Now. Like ksh said!

      • Yes. There were some painfully awkward moments, especially toward the end, but I survived, and in the end, the movie ended on a positive note, and I ended up leaving the theater in a good mood.

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