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Comment What financial rewards? (Score 1) 122

Android is free and open source. The operating system isn't what makes the money.

Google makes money off the stuff that runs on top of the free operating system (which provides the APIs and runtimes, for free), not the operating system itself.

People are free to do what they like with that free operating system, just look at Amazon for example. They are not beholden to Google, they include and exclude what they require for themselves and that's fine. They don't pay Google a cent for that operating system that they base their devices' software off.

Comment Re:Why drop systems with 32bit efi? they can run 6 (Score 1) 249

I'm in the same boat. I bought a second hand 3,1 octocore Mac Pro which is supported by El Capitan, bumped up the RAM to 32GB and added a SATAIII card + SSD's. It's a monster, does everything I want and more.

I went that route because I wanted something with some grunt for dev and graphics work (and a bit of gaming in Windows via bootcamp) and it still worked out about the same price or less than a Mac Mini once I'd added the extra bits. Difference is, it eats Mac Minis for breakfast!

It has 64-bit EFI like other modern Macs and has more grunt than some Macs do today, so I'm very disappointed that it's now going to be forced in to obsolescence within the next couple of years. I picked the 3,1 model because it still met the technical criteria for running modern versions of OS X / macOS.

Comment Nothing wrong with it (Score 1) 982

I use it on my work laptop, which I also take home and sometimes use if I want to do something in Windows. Saves having to go hide away from the family on my bootcamped Mac Pro.

I think the main reason people go nuts over the data collection is because it's Microsoft....nevermind the fact that they probably have Facebook and Google accounts - for the record, I don't have an issue with either of these companies either and use services from both.

In this day and age, there is no privacy online. Don't kid yourself. What you can control is what you make available. And there's always a choice, if you don't like the terms, don't use the service.

For me....Windows 10 is fast, stable and has a few extra enhancements that I like over older versions of Windows. The store is also being cleaned up and expanding, and universal apps are interesting to me. It came bundled with the laptop....and I have one other PC that's eligible for a free upgrade before the end of July which I'll be taking advantage of too.

Comment Re:I thought it was bad I had to use classic shell (Score 1) 354

I had a similar issue.

I ended up having to create another account with admin rights on the machine and delete my profile (after grabbing all my files and putting them somewhere safe)

The next time I logged on, a new profile was created. Copied my files back over, deleted the temporary admin account and everything was working again fine.

Comment Re:fate of the pixhawk? (Score 1) 10

The clone market still appears to be thriving, so even if 3DR stop making the Pixhawk, you'll still be able to grab one direct from China easily enough. In fact, there are some revised, cut down (in size and some connectors) versions now in case the original is too big and bulky for your craft.

Comment Ubuntu kFreeBSD then? (Score 1) 379

If it's more important to try and push an open source but restrictive license down everyone's throat (hey, the GPL is great for some things, but horrible for others), then perhaps Ubuntu could come up with a variant that uses Debian's kFreeBSD distribution as a base instead?

It's a shame though, I thought the general spirit was to make great things available to the masses and to drive innovation.

Comment Re:What could go wrong (Score 1) 407

10 - 20 "rooftops" to one inverter? You do know that one panel being obscured can dramatically bring down the efficiency of all the others connected to the same circuit, right? Hence micro-inverters are gaining popularity....increased points of failure (one per panel) but increased efficiency...e.g. one panel is obscured, but it's isolated from the rest, so not bringing down the efficiency of the others.

Comment Inflammatory Opinion Piece / Clickbait (Score 4, Informative) 180

Apache software doesn't require the source to be released. Author thinks all open source software should be released to the masses. People asked for their source code, Jide said no, because they weren't partners and explained that Remix OS itself is not open source.

They even had the author of UNetBootin post in the comments section of the story saying he was fine with what Jide had done. Android-x86 project also seem to be on board from what I can gather.

So what's the problem, other than Jide not doing what the author thinks they should do?

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