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Comment Re:Didn't ANYBODY Check Wikileaks?! (Score 1) 689

What in the world is happening in the comments of this thread? Is there some kind of Trump brigade in force? Here's an additional fact check from politico - The comments she made are quite smart and thoughtful. This is just an absurd world we live in where reality no longer matters. My main take away from this election is that the human race has immense challenges still left for it to overcome. I am completely shocked at how emotional people are in this election process and unable to perform any critical thinking. It is as if millions of people have just turned off their brains. In WWI and WWII, you can study things like propaganda, historians are going to find a new item here to study. The effect it has had on the populace is remarkable.

Comment Re:I've already uninstalled the windows 10 nag ico (Score 4, Interesting) 374

These "folks" - Yeah the first OS i've used was in fact win95 - sorry but I'm late generation it seems. The complaint is that I don't want to change my OS if I don't want to, and that should be my choice - plain and simple. You spin your own web and live in the world you can neatly categorize. You say its different, yet don't even realize what different means. Different can mean hundreds of hours reconfiguring and migrating applications. Different means hundreds or thousands of dollars in migration costs. How naive are you to think you know what's best for everyone else?

Comment Re:I've already uninstalled the windows 10 nag ico (Score 2) 374

Why is the onus on me to be FORCED to try it? Why can't I at least say no thanks I'll look at it another time. If I want to update I'll do so, at this time I have no wish to spend any time migrating to a new operating system where I have to migrate and fix everything I'm doing on my system where I don't even have confidence everything I do now will in fact migrate. The update nag to windows 10 does not let you say no! It remains forever until you uninstall it. Windows 10 may be god's gift to man, but if I want to chill in ignorance than let me do so. Why are you so arrogant that you know what's better for me? I can handle that fine, thanks. Maybe I'll love windows 10 but if I don't want it that's also my choice - and that's what you don't seem to understand.

Comment I've already uninstalled the windows 10 nag icon (Score 5, Informative) 374

To make it easy on everyone else: On windows 7 uninstall update - KB3035583 You literally have to remove a window update to get rid of it - I love how the update when you install it gave you no indication what it actually was going to do. I seriously hate how updates work with windows. I look forward to the hundreds of stories on how no one wants to move off windows 7, and how windows 7 is still present in huge numbers in the year 2025. I don't understand why Microsoft doesn't realize that I don't want my desktop to look and operate like my phone.

Comment Re:"A related article suggests..." (Score 4, Insightful) 255

Indeed. It's not a _related_ article but a OP ED by Grover Norquist. The most most right-wing anti-tax advocate out there, it's hardly an article where a journalist actually performed research on it independently. I'm very interested in understanding any tax consideration that may arise, but I automatically discount anything from the lunatic fringe that have their life agendas at stake.

Submission + - Business finance raising

ivanob writes: Before you think about funding your business idea, it is vital to get a great deal of feedback on your idea, the last thing you want to do is take out a loan or borrow off your mum and then have to look her in the eye and say ‘sorry it turns out no-one wanted to buy my reusable toilet paper’. Don’t worry about putting your idea up online for getting feedback, it’s very unlikely that no-one has ever had your idea and I always think it’s the individual not the idea that makes the money. Be careful not to be put off though, a lot of people will just list the competition and say they have the market sown up. Ask them how come companies such as Red Bull and Google succeeded if you can’t beat the established competition. 9 ways to raise business finance for your startup idea. Personal savings, Friends and family, Crowdfunding ....

Submission + - NSA Targets "Radicalizers" by Leaking Their Porn Preferences

mrex writes: According to a new Glenn Greenwald article published today by The Huffington Post, documents revealed by Edward Snowden prove that the NSA has sought to discredit the political speech of those it deems "radicalizers" by spying on and leaking their pornography-viewing habits. Importantly, these targets have included US persons.

Submission + - NSA planned to discredit radicals based on web-browsing habits (

wired_parrot writes: New documents leaked show that the NSA was not only monitoring suspected radical sympathizers, but planned to discredit them based on their web-surfing habits. This includes not only evidence of porn browsing and online sexual activity, as well as extorsion and blackmail based on innapropriate use of funds. At the same time, the document leaked notes that very few of contacts noted were associated with terrorism

Comment Re:Passwords have to be in the clear anyway (Score 1) 482

There really isn't going to be malware that sophisticated where they will attack the browser just waiting for the master password to be entered. Additionally, it would need another avenue to attack the OS/browser. From a perspective of a normal user, I would say that the master password would protect you from the vast majority of attacks that rely on reading your password in plaintext stored in your settings. Additionally, while possible, sniffing out the master password is still possible, no malware authors would go so far to get those passwords outside of specific targeted attacks. There is just so much other low hanging fruit. I think a master password is an imperfect but effective tool to use. I've started to use Keepass myself for password management, they have browser plugins but I have not evaluated it yet myself. Password encryption for storage is a good thing, not a bad thing!

Submission + - MySQL 5.6 is much faster on IO-bound (

osoriojr writes: "Oracle announced the general availability of MySQL 5.6 and developers are saying that the MySQL 5.6 is too much faster than the older versions.
Some benchmarks are showing that the performance between the MySQL 5.6 and MySQL 5.1 has improved in 300%.
Also they said it has improved the scalability and the high availability. If its real, it will solve very common issues we have everyday."

Comment System76 (Score 4, Informative) 570

I just purchased a laptop from their laptops come only with Ubuntu, had excellent customization options, and reasonable pricing (why is it so hard to customize laptops nowadays, when did this happen =\ ) My colleague recommended them and I get my laptop Monday so I don't have first hand experience yet, but I just had to make this decision and that's what I ended with selecting.

Tor Tests Undetectably Encrypted Connections In Iran 157

Sparrowvsrevolution writes "Ahead of the anniversary of Iran's revolution, the country's government has locked down its already-censored Internet, blocking access to many services and in some cases cutting off all encrypted traffic on the Web of the kind used by secure email, social networking and banking sites. In response, the information-freedom-focused Tor Project is testing a new tool it's calling 'obfsproxy,' or obfuscated proxy, which aims to make SSL or TLS traffic appear to be unencrypted traffic like HTTP or instant messaging data. While the tool currently only disguises SSL as the SOCKS protocol, in future versions it will aim to disguise encrypted traffic as any protocol the user chooses. Tor executive director Andrew Lewman says the idea is to 'make your Ferrari look like a Toyota by putting an actual Toyota shell over the Ferrari.'" Reader bonch adds: "A thread on Hacker News provides first-hand accounts as well as workarounds."

Comment Re:Errors on me when I run the gui (Score 1) 31

I think the PHP Gtk binding are still a compile from source mission on ubuntu, there was not a package available when I needed it a few weeks ago. Plus if you leave the module in your default php config, it breaks php (as in won't run even non Gtk scripts) whenever it it run from somewhere without a window manager available (ssh, cron, etc).

All in all a pain in the ass.

I'm about to give up installing the requirements for a GUI on CentOS 5.3 trying to get php-gtk installed is quite the venture.

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