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Comment Why not look at Afrikaans? (Score 1) 626

Afrikaans is the youngest official language in the world, granted, it shares a lot of similarity to dutch, it has evolved quite a bit and still is. It does have a few nice things, if you spell a word in Afrikaans you'll get it right most of the times by just spelling it as you say it. No silent sounds, no weird rules. It does have some eccentricities, double negatives ie. "Hy kan nie swem nie." "He can not swim not". I must admit than I am a first language Afrikaans speaker so I might be biased.

Comment Re:Public Stoning is too good... (Score 1) 139

You're missing the wood for the trees. This was a great marketing tool for them. They have educated asshats that were unaware of such paid DDoS services. You'll have a lot of people using their services or start looking for similar services. Now for a $100 they'll take out a competitors website/email server/etc.. and causing a lot of harm on the networks in general. DDoSing should not go mainstream or appear to be easily accessible, it'll ruin the internet. What if some disgruntled person uses these DDoS services to attack essential services like hospitals. People can die just because records couldn't be pulled. I say, let the gamers rage, the more the public outrage become, the easier it will get people/governments to hunt these pricks down. As soon as you ask money for something, it's not a cause anymore.

Comment Why we are scared (Score 1) 583

The big problem is that the "standard" that AI is measured is against something like the Turing test So we are building AI to behave/think like humans. That is scary, humans don't have a good track record when it comes to rational thinking. Yes we are still here, but generally we try our hardest get rid of each other or set ourselves on paths to doom. If AI is set to self learn and gets to the point where it is "self aware", does that mean it has developed morality and self preservation, those are very much psychological and biological concepts from our perspectives. Will it fight back when you want to switch it off or does it just consider of being "alive" as a 0 or 1 state with no impact (that's just the way it is and accept it). If it is goal orientated, how far does it go to enforce itself to achieve such goals ie. Set human.life_status = 0 when human.action == (set AI.life_status == 0 ) while AI.action == "Busy saving lives". That's why Asimov's basic laws are great until you allow free will or allow meta rules to adjust an outcome. ie. Humans are killing their own habitat and won't be able to sustain life, let's commit some genocide to bring the population down and ensure humanity's survival. As soon as you allow flexibility to what AI can achieve and do, AI will most likely attempt to remedy any situation in a way that is unfathomable to us, just because of the number of variables and factors it should be able to calculate. Other hand, AI may just kill us all because of good old human error and somebody forgot to add a \r\n to a line of code : To Protect and Serve_
Real Time Strategy (Games)

Auralux Release For Browsers Shows Emscripten Is Reaching Indie Devs 44

New submitter MorgyTheMole writes Porting C++/OpenGL based games using Emscripten and WebGL has been an approach pushed by Mozilla for some time now. Games using the technology are compatible with most modern browsers and require no separate install. We've seen Epic Games demonstrate UnrealEngine 4 in browser as well as Unity show off a variety of games. Now as the technology matures, indie devs are looking to get into the mix, including this near one-to-one port of E McNeill's Auralux, a simplified RTS game, from Android and iOS. (Disclosure: I am a programmer who worked on this title.)

Comment Re:Ban old ladies (Score 1) 151

The remark was to point out that there numerous ubiquitous dangers out there and accidents happen. Basing policy on singular/low percentage/hearsay events to prevent public participation is the wrong way to go. Yes, consider safety, but don't enforce a ban for broader use, inform people. I will be spreading flyers to educate old ladies about the dangers of walking around designated parking areas.

Comment Feedback from the guy that found the flaw (Score 5, Informative) 46
"Hi all, I have yet to get contacted by CoJ or anyone else responsible/concerned about my initiative to help close the data-leak. As far as I am concerned I have not done anything illegal and have not been charged or accused of having conducted anything illegal. The CoJ certainly makes it out that the customer invoices were accessed in an sophisticated and malicious hack. I did elaborate this to the press and while all of you understand exactly what happened it is still astounding that CoJ attempts to bury the real story instead of taking accountability for what actually happened. Although this incident is presented as an attack, Google managed to index the tax-invoices dating back to February 2013 and all information circulating in the press (such as the mentioned SANRAL tax invoice) have been publicly available via a simple Google search, prior to my discovery on 20th August 2013. The CoJ claims of a hack are simply rubbish and any person with an internet connection would have been able to view the same information. There is ZERO IT-skill required to change an invoice number in a web-address. I am not going to worry about any criminal or civil charges and a team of lawyers is ready to deal with those should that situation arise. It is quite shocking to see how the media reported on this issue despite having had many witness accounts and solid evidence at hand. In my opinion it should have never gotten to the point that this situation is now all over the news, had the CoJ acted responsibly and shown accountability and prompt resolve. I think MyBroadband has managed to capture the actual events very accurately and I appreciate all the support, PM's and phone-calls I have received over the last few days. As a rate- and tax-payer it is our civic duty to ensure that our resources are managed in a responsible way and it is quite an embarrassment that our leaders (which we pay via our taxes) show zero interest in serving their residents - if they did, we would not sit with the number of threads and misinformation currently being pedalled to save face. The newspapers equally act irresponsibly by printing anything being said without having verified actual facts (which are readily available) and as such are not improving the situation. As a CoJ resident I am ashamed to life in a city where their representatives lie and misinform to cover up incompetence and shy away from their own accountability."

Submission + - NVIDIA Premieres "The Plush Life" (

bigwophh writes: "To showcase the advanced rendering features of NVIDIA's Gelato GPU-accelerated rendering software, Timothy Heath and his team from the NVIDIA Digital Film Group put together a short film dubbed "The Plush Life" featuring Lundo and Flint, two plush characters with a penchant for joyriding in their 1969 Buick Electra. The Plush Life is the first release in a planned series of animated short films created with Gelato using some of its more advanced features like subsurface scattering, depth-of-shadows, and a new shader technology used to create the velvety appearance of the "Flint" character. HotHardware has more information regarding the short film and an array of impressive screenshots that are as good as any animated feature film released to date."

Submission + - Tom Cruise to appear in the next Star Trek film? ( 1

RyGuy writes: "IGN has learned from a trusted source that director J.J. Abrams would like to have an A-list star cameo in his forthcoming big-screen reboot of Star Trek. According to our source — whose scoops have always panned out in the past — Abrams is wooing [...] Tom Cruise to cameo in Star Trek ... as Captain Christopher Pike!

Trekkers know that Pike was James T. Kirk's predecessor as captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise and Mr. Spock's first commanding officer. Pike was the captain in the original and unaired TV pilot, "The Cage," where he was portrayed by the late Jeffrey Hunter."

Comment Labels != Tags (Score 1) 284

Look at real life. A label is something that you stick on a product and becomes part of it. A tag is usually attached with a string or something and thus not part of it but it describes it. I prefer tag, but in the end it's just semantics. Label me an idiot, but that's my 2 cents

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