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Submission + - Turkish police seizes and wipes unpublished book (

An anonymous reader writes: "Istanbul police raided a printing house Wednesday evening in search of computer files containing an unpublished book by an arrested suspect in the Ergenekon coup-plot case and erased the digital draft." The book was alleging Turkish police and judicial system which are supposed to be secular has some unexplainable ties to an Islamic cult and behaves according to their agenda. Adding to the ultimate irony is, the publishing house (Ithaki) which has been raided also published Fahrenheit 451 for Turkish market.
The Internet

Submission + - Is About To Return

An anonymous reader writes: The legendary BitTorrent site will be back in action soon. Sloncek, the former owner of decided to donate the domain to The Pirate Bay lads, who will relaunch the site in a few days, staying true to its original design. The return of a Legend.

Submission + - Iraqi Web Series Crowdsources Distrib.

mike_dib writes: "My company just released on online documentary series that was shot in Baghdad by Iraqi filmmakers. It's about the lives of everyday Iraqis — the great untold story of the war. It sits at the middle of technology, media, culture and politics. We've effectively crowd-sourced our distribution by putting the videos online and asking our viewers to help us spread them as far and wide as possible. As a TV company, we decided to rely on viewer and digital distribution rather than standard television broadcast. We're also using both Joost (in its next release) and Youtube which hasn't really been done knowingly to my knowledge. The first three webisodes came out today and new ones will follow every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We're trying to spread the word about the series so that the risk that our Iraqi producers took to make this series was worth it. Permalink: sodes-of-hometown-baghdad/ Cover story of salon now Salon's Coverage Blog for series Press release for series"
United States

Submission + - Does Silicon Valley Need More H-1B Visas?

WSJdpatton writes: "Can the U.S. visa program accommodate Silicon Valley's need for more skilled foreign workers without crowding out Americans? Oracle executive Robert Hoffman, who heads a tech-lobbying group that includes Microsoft, Intel and Hewlett-Packard, and outsourcing critic and author Ron Hira, an engineer and a professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, debate the issue."

Submission + - OWASP Spring of Code 2007

Dinis Cruz writes: "Last Fall, the OWASP Foundation gave $35,000 in grants to worthy application security projects. This Spring, OWASP is using current membership fees and profits from past conferences to fund a bigger round of projects in the OWASP Spring of Code 2007.

All applications are due by March 30th. The OWASP Spring of Code is not connected to the Google Summer of Code."

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