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Comment Re:Super (Score 2) 754

Extremely useful if you are bright enough to understand that the camera is there to supplement your own field of vision not replace it.

The other 90% of the population will use the camera as a replacement for looking at everything ELSE behind them and more importantly what is not directly behind them but will be in the next few seconds.

Also consider the increase to the base cost of every new car sold. It may be a small percentage, but with so many Americans already having a difficult time affording the transportation that they need to get to work, or to take kids to school etc... government should be working towards better enabling citizens to be productive rather than making things more difficult.

As a "Safety Feature" there are plenty of other things the government could impose on people that would be far more effective at addressing any of the many more widespread diving safety issues.

It does kind of make you wonder though, how many politicians and officials with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have a financial interest in companies or patents that deal with back-up cameras.

Comment Re:Bluff City is south of Bristol Motor Speedway (Score 2, Insightful) 680

The cameras in question are nearly 10 miles before the speedway, on one of the two main roads leading to the speedway.

11E is a 4 lane divided highway with a speed limit of 55 or higher except where it passes through stoplights. Bluff City conveniently has a total of 2 stoplights on 11E, although neither one is really necessary.

The two cameras here, along with many more that have been placed in the region over the past couple of years have only been placed in high traffic areas where the speed limit drops below the normal for a very short distance. Those areas have historically been some of the safest & most accident free stretches of road in the area.

The problem, and the common complaint about the cameras and their placement is that the various law enforcement agencies in the area are focusing on generating income by way of fines rather than focusing on reducing accidents and increasing highway safety.

Disclaimer - I live not just in the area, but less than 1 mile from another of the unnecessary set of cameras. I am also familiar with Bristol Motor Speedway, the cameras in question, and the traffic on race weekend from having provided network/server support to the speedway in the past, including during race weekends.

Comment Re:Oh Apple, let the Apps through already! (Score 1) 249

$1200 US for iPhones for myself and the wife was a bit tough to swallow, but in all fairness carrying the same phone for 2 1/2 years made it work out to $20 per month per phone which isn't too bad...

Besides that... make the company pay for them...

As for the guys carrying a new top end phone every two months... They are all wireless sales reps that have no other real expenses because they live in their parents basements, a dorm room, or an apartment with 5 other guys....

Comment Re:Oh Apple, let the Apps through already! (Score 2, Interesting) 249

Where exactly is there "speculation" that it was Verizon pushing for the block other than in your first post? And while we're at it where did AT&T "confirm" it was not their issue, and then give a green light?

Like the poster below Google Voice (along with tethering) works perfectly on my Droid /w Verizon.

Comment Re:Oh Apple, let the Apps through already! (Score 3, Insightful) 249

More than likely Apple does care, but just like the ban on tethering it is something AT&T is not willing to allow.

So yeah, it is banned in the Apple store, but probably due to AT&T rather than Apple.

Hopefully the iPhone being opened up to other carriers will mean a loosining of the restrictions as those carriers try and pull customers away from AT&T.

Either way though, I already retired my original iPhone for a Motorola Droid 2 months ago, with Google Voice and Tethering being two of the big reasons for doing so.

Really, why continue doing business with a company when it is clear that they have no interest in providing customers with the kind of service they want? (again talking about AT&T not Apple).

Comment Re:Can't blame them (Score 1) 1032

Because people see what they want to instead of what is really there and then push the button before realizing the mistake...

Kind of like you hitting reply to "Justify"

Instead of seeing "" in some people minds justify ""

Seriously, if suspecting someone who does not like US is building WMDs how much easier will it be, especially post 9/11, justify an attack when we KNOW someone who does not like US is building them... again, justifying in some peoples minds...

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