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Comment Re:Messenger being... (Score 1) 99

...that crappy App that Facebook pulled out of their existing App and which I refuse to install because I shouldn't need a separate app or still another chat client.

In other news, when did people become so lazy that everyone uses chat because clicking on an email app is just too big a hassle?

I'm pretty sure you can use the FB messenger app without having a FB account now. They want you to use it as a standard SMS and phone callinging app. This is why it's a standalone app.

Comment Re:it is easier to just nix facebook (Score 1) 155

For your tech savvy person sure this can be done. I use to do it all the time. However go to your normal user and say this to them. They won't know what the hell you're talking about. Most people can't do this.. Most people shouldn't do this because they will do something wrong and brick the device.

Anyone able to modify their hosts file most likely has better means to block the app from doing things such as using Xposed. Also the fact that host names can change all the time, it could be a never ending battle. Also what if they use direct IPs? Back to using Xposed for that one.

Comment Re:Ok, why? (Score 1) 311

FOX could probably be sued for issuing a false takedown notice.

I agree they should be but i highly doubt it will happen. FOX and many others know this and thus just throw these takedown notices out as fast as they can print them. Most people won't fight and their content stays offline. FOX then gets to take credit for the content.

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