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Submission + - Bill Gates Says Anti-Vaccine Effort Kills Children

Hugh Pickens writes writes: CNN has an interesting interview with Bill Gates who says that unbelievable progress is being made in both inventing new vaccines and making sure they get out to all the children who need them that could cut the number of children who die every year from about 9 million to half that. But Gates has harsh words for those who engage in anti-vaccine efforts especially Dr. Andrew Wakefield who falsified data to "prove" a fraudulent link between vaccines and autism. "It's an absolute lie that has killed thousands of kids" says Gates. "Because the mothers who heard that lie, many of them didn't have their kids take either pertussis or measles vaccine, and their children are dead today."

Comment Torrent Link (Score 5, Informative) 151

First download their mtx client.
Then this site:
was nice enough to repost the torrent file which downloads the mtx that you can use the offline mode of the client to install.

The link is labeled:

1073 Seeders / 2154 Peers
tracker runs on

Note: The client runs crazy slow after install. First thing I do is click Offline Mode.

Comment Re:Ugh... summary.... (Score 4, Informative) 137

The performance degradation in the Intel X-25 is not because of a "firmware bug".

Bugs can cause slowdowns, too

Though it's highly regarded, Intel's X25-M SSD had a firmware bug that adjusted the priorities of random and sequential writes, leading to a major fragmentation problem that dropped throughput dramatically. The issue was originally uncovered by PC Perspective after two months of testing. Those tests showed that write speeds dropped from 80MB/sec. to 30MB/sec. over time, and read speeds dropped from 250MB/sec. to 60MB/sec. for some large block writes.

Before firmware update

the result suggested a write speed of 30 MB/sec.

After firmware update

After composing myself, I did the same file copy I had tried earlier. 76 MB/sec.

Not a firmware bug?

Comment Re:Congrats Red Hat (Score 1) 128

They might not have gotten what they deserved but they at least got what they asked for. After all, they specifically picked a license that allows this. How does Redhat's financial success affect the Kernel developers? And if the Redhat types aren't there, how will the millions of people be helped. Not many people are capable of providing for themselves the support and packaged bundles to run on their systems so they just wouldn't use it. Instead you'd get to say how many are rich from the thousands of people they've helped because you shrink the eligible audience.

And it's RHT now, not RHAT.

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