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Comment Hurry up with the lid on that thing! (Score 1) 579

I actually think the whole Wikileaks thing is kinda funny. Whistleblowing is a necessary element of democracy and capitalism, and yet when someone can't hide their dirty laundry in time they get all pissed off. If they did their secret black ops cover ups, and document shredding parties a little better they probably wouldn't be in this mess.

Comment Re:What does AOL do? (Score 1) 136

Its very simple. AOL was once the internet home of a large number of internet retards. No, it was the internet home for 'duuuuuurrrrrrrrrrr'. These idiots keep giving AOL money, even though they don't offer a ISP service anymore. And thats how AOL isn't dead yet. Its probably technically fraud, except that none of these dipshits notice that a service they're paying a monthly subscription to doesn't actually exist anymore. Don't try to reason with the non-logic. Just go with it.

Comment What the hell?! (Score 1) 3

Integrity of the office? What the fuck? Its a damn crime, stand up for your position, fuckwad! It is illegal for any unauthorized person to attempt in guise, manner, appearance, or behavior to give the impression that they are a judge, police officer, marshal, federal agent, or pretty much any other government position. Hell you can't even buy police uniforms for this very reason.

Comment Re:Think more subtle, grasshopper (Score 1) 1270

Its possible killing Hitler wouldn't have effected the creation of the a-bomb and the rise of nuclear power, but its also possible that if Hitler were dead and there was no war with Germany the Japanese wouldn't have attacked us, negating the whole thing anyway. Part of their strategy was to catch the US off guard, and later to divide our forces between two opponents and conquer (didn't work for them, of course), then presumably kill the Axis alliance and go at it from there.

Comment Re:To immediately Godwin the poll... (Score 1) 1270

Or that time traveling assassin's have (er will) realized that killing Hitler would negatively impact the state of their existence. Here's a point for you, the most influential person of the 20th century is generally considered to be Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. Never heard of him? No surprise. His assassination touched off the delicate network of world alliances starting WWI. WWI itself led to numerous battlefield research advances, in weaponry, chemical research, and medicine among others. Its also likely to have effected important figures of the 20th century like Albert Einstein, who published his Theory of Special Relativity in 1915, one year into the war. Hitler himself used the Treaty of Versailles which ended WWI as a source of discontent to help gain power. In this way, much of the 20th century can be traced back to the impact of the death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria.

In the same way its important that the timeline remain as is, hence a possible reason why time traveler's have never come from the future to kill Hitler. Or it could be that the popular concept of time travel is wrong, and the whole thing just isn't possible. Who knows?

Comment Re:To immediately Godwin the poll... (Score 1) 1270

that would be disastrous depending on when you did it. If it was 1945 maybe not so much, but if you killed him in '38 or '39 the results would be incredibly detrimental. Think of all the research and scientific developments that WWII spurred on (ignoring the A-bomb, because its likely we might have developed it anyway to deal with the Japanese). Still concepts in everything from flight, to cryptography, to modern medicine would never have even gotten started. Not just on the US side, but on the German side as well (not condoning the horrific manner in which the Germans conducted human testing, they actually made a lot of progress in modern medicine among other things). Not only that WWII itself was largely responsible for pulling us out of the Great Depression; if the war hadn't consumed so much time, money and manpower it could have dragged on much longer.

The truth is that as horrific and terrible as war is, we need it to drive ourselves technologically forward. Its a motivator for technological progress, and a potential source of economic stimulus.

Pirate Parties Plan To Shoot Site Into Orbit 301

palmerj3 writes "It is almost four years ago that The Pirate Bay announced they wanted to buy the micronation of Sealand, so they could host their site without having to bother about copyright law — an ambitious plan that turned out to be unaffordable. This week, Pirate Parties worldwide started brainstorming about a similarly ambitious plan. Instead of founding their own nation, they want to shoot a torrent site into orbit."

Comment Lessons not learned (Score 2, Interesting) 235

Sounds like EA needs to take a look at Blizzard's success and their unofficial "It will be ready when its ready" motto. EA appears to employ short sighted business execs who lack common sense, as a general rule.

I was one of the people who played at launch, and quit shortly after. A few things bothered me (not the issues with the Bright Mage snares; I was playing one after all). The linear, progressive nature of the campaign was really irritating. Finish an area? Good, your done, forget about it and never come back. Other than maybe pick up some old titles you might have missed there was probably no reason to go back. Coming from WoW where there are good excuses to revisit old areas (farming, achievements, old instances/raids, etc.) it was annoying to realize that once you finished up with the campaign, there was literally nothing to do, except pvp constantly (which I suck at anyway). The public quests were an interesting idea, but ultimately a failure. For about a week after launch it was fairly easy to get people to stop by and join in. After that everyone moved on, and the only way to do them was with a guild or friends. For someone that doesn't have very many friends that mmo game (and the ones that do, didn't bother trying WAR), this was a killer. The crafting system was a steaming sack of shit. I don't think I ever did more than glance at it and gather a few things, in the three or so weeks I played. Finally, there was little reason to go to the major cities. You could find all the vendors, skill trainers, and almost everything else you needed along the way (I didn't play to far, but the library and the trophy stuff seemed to be the main reason to visit the cities). Again, for someone coming from WoW this was a huge turn off.

On the good side, the idea of public quests was solid. It just needed a better player finding feature. The titles, the lorebook, the bonuses for killing lots of creatures of a single type, were all very cool, much better than WoW's achievement system, simply because there were tons of titles for all kinds of crap, and you could get alot of them with very little work, making it easy to feel like you were really accomplishing something. For example, there were titles for thing like clicking on yourself 50 times, or doing pvp naked, scoring critical hits, and survivng pvp fights with 5% hp or less (getting that one was awesome; I wish WoW had a Toothskinner title), as well as situational titles that you got if you found certain static world objects and such. This game showed alot of promise. Its a shame EA fucked everything up.

Comment Re:Nope, not kidding. (Score 1) 2058

If I go to the hospital with a knife in my stomach, they take the knife out, treat me, and send me a bill. If I don't pay the bill, they (presumably) send a bill collector after me. They don't leave me on the ER waiting room floor to die. The analogy isn't true in every case, cause the US hospital system is crap, but in immediately life threatening cases I expect to get treated then billed (and thus is my point served). Granted, the victim, in this case, lived in a rural area and thus was probably of less danger to his neighbors. But it is more serious, when its in a city. At any rate, I don't agree with a fire department being able to put a fee on their services, but if that the way their gonna do it they need to put the fire out first and hire a bill collector (potentially raising the original fee to pay for the collector). The people would be best served by just accepting it as a tax.

Comment Re:Nope, not kidding. (Score 0) 2058

And what happens when your house sets the house next to it on fire, because fire crews wouldn't put it out? Then your whole neighborhood is on fire. What happens if someone is trapped? Do they let the person die? This sets a dangerous and scary precedent. Whats next? Are the police gonna start saying, "You didn't pay us our fee last month month. We're not gonna bother trying to find the guy who broke into your house." This IS government extortion, pure and simple. Government, at a local, state, and federal have a responsibility to maintain order, and as far as I'm concerned they failed to do that. The people responsible for this should be fired, sued, and put in prison for arson.

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