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Comment Re:Uber and Lyft - hitchhiking for money! (Score 1) 211

you're basically at the mercy of the guy with the car keys

Yup. Might as well call a friend at that point.

Sorry to hear about you're driver taking you for a ride - that's what you paid for, right?

Those corporate fat-cat taxi drivers, always trying to screw the little guy! Seriously, maybe I'm ok with it as long as the driver is getting the extra money. If the driver gets a small bonus and the rest goes to Uber, well, maybe a little less sympathy.

Comment Re:absurd studies that waste the taxpayer dime. (Score 1) 280

I damned sure didnt see a penny for my study on the gap between girls who study english in a dark room with eleven scorpions and boys who study english in a fumigation tent.

I don't know why you'd need a special grant to just observe students in the temporary overflow classroom trailers after lunch on chili day.

Comment Well, then they should get the expert in (Score 1) 436

And Schwarz's explanation that the acronym GNU stands for 'GNU is Not Unix' drew the following exchange: "The G part stands for GNU?" Alsup asked in disbelief. "Yes," said Schwartz on the stand. "That doesn't make any sense," said the 71-year-old Clinton appointee.

In follow-up news, Richard M. Stallman was served a subpoena to thoroughly explain the 'recursive' acronym, and additionally, to brief the jury on the facts of the case.

In an unusual exception, both the prosecution and defense agreed that popcorn would be provided free to the court, both parties, and spectators to the case.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 255

That's a *HORRIBLE* idea. You start thinking you can write that program, then generalization takes you down the internationalization/localization route, then you learn about character sets, font design considerations for new scripts, the political/international/interplanetary aspects of character encodings, and ... down that way lies madness. I think I need to lie down now.

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