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Comment Re:Infinite (Score 1) 181

Pi still contains local repetitions - after about 200,000 trees, you reach a tree that looks like a 3, then a 1, then a 4, then a 1, then a 5 then a 9 (but the next one is a 7.)

Identical repetition isn't that much of a problem compared to everything just looking kind of similar. Same sort of trees, same sort of hills, and so on.

Comment Typical (Score 1) 497

Here are some excerpts from the notes I took when creating accounts for various places. None of them are for Slashdot:

"Registration truncated the password and then emailed it to me."

"The password form said to use 8 to 6 chars, but seems to accept 20."

"Not a valid password (must be 6-12 characters, contain at least one letter, at least one number and no punctuation, symbols or spaces)"

"Passwords can't exceed 16 characters and causes a 'system error' when it contains non-alphanumeric characters. All this shit just for *****. Is it worth it?" UPDATE: It wasn't.

"Kept throwing a strange error. It turns out it wanted to be alphanumeric."

"Please use letters and numbers only."

"Can't exceed 10 characters in password."

"Truncated the password to 13 characters and failed to accept the full password."

Comment Re:Dead on. (Score 1) 470

Not with OpenID. Instead of friending people you just mutually enable each others OpenIDs and add a link back to their CMS for your convenience. Your own CMS could then aggregate all your friends' feeds. There could even be sites that host your CMS for you as is already done with blogs.

Instead of forcing everybody on to one social network site they'd all be inter-linked, with no need to keep moving every few years to stay on the same network as your friends.

Comment Re:Complicated install process? (Score 1) 98

It was a humourous reply to the parent post:

I never knew doubleclicking an icon and clicking "Next" a few times was a complicated and difficult install process.

YOU srsarer stupids and idiot fuckhead shitface stupid dyumb dunbassw,k stupid cuntface.

It's also a good point - there are people who post like that in FPS gaming forums.

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