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Comment Re:It was the white nationalist block (Score 4, Insightful) 470

Actually it was Hillary Clinton's infamy and unfitness for office that elected Donald Trump, in a close contest of infamy and poor fit for the job. Trump outperformed Romney in non-whites across the board. Dems could have run just about anyone but Clinton and taken the office. But no.

Comment Re:Yanks (Score 1) 326

...and very late to turn up to the fucking fight as usual.

What a bunch of crap, and disrespectful to the large number of US volunteers actively fighting in Europe and Asia before Dec 7 1941. "Hey, you're awfully late to the fight I started but am now losing!" Followed by decades of "Those yanks always sticking their noses in everyone's business!" any time our foreign policy doesn't explicitly benefit the British.


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