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Comment Re:But VR's still cool, right? RIGHT???? (Score 1) 399

You're fine. VR isn't going anywhere. Still waiting on Zenimax to produce anything that even hints that they were interested in VR *at all* before John Carmack left to develop it elsewhere. They're claiming that Palmer Luckey couldn't have built a functioning HMD without Carmack when one of his prototypes had been used in a room scale VR demonstration months before Carmack even got involved. It's all pretty silly.
Also I find it really amusing that Zenimax is so insistence that Oculus couldn't have built an HMD without their tech but I haven't heard them levy any such claims against any of the others who have produced HMDs. The only thing particularly unique in these devices is the drift correction provided by Constellation/Lighthouse, everything else can be found in your average smartphone. You can even put lenses in a piece of cardboard and slide your phone in. It's that simple.

Comment Re:In the Apple Store... (Score 1) 212

That's a very good car analogy and it illustrates a deeper issue I have with the situation. Replacing an existing model with a new design that doesn't fill the same niche, leaving the users who relied on that device to perform that particular function high and dry. Apple has been getting worse and worse about it, like they're abandoning the entirety of the market that bought the devices because of their wide range of capabilities to target users who don't. I don't like it at all.

Comment Re:In the Apple Store... (Score 1) 212

No, it's not okay, and I would never recommend it. But if someone thinks it's okay, then keep it on the iPad, don't do that crap on a real computer.
You don't need to buy the absolutely top end tablet. Jesus, the whole point of using the iPad in this context is that you don't need the capabilities of a full computer.
The MacBook is not a tablet alternative, the tablet is a MacBook alternative. Let's not let them screw things up by giving them THAT idea.
It's been really strange to me that Apple hasn't converged them when so many other OEMs have added touch capabilities to their PCs. Apple is slacking on this one big time. The iMac should have had touch before the HP TouchSmart, now Microsoft's Surface Studio has dropped and includes stylus support and Apple only just got their Pencil out but it requires the higher end iPad. Strange thing, this current market.

Comment Re:In the Apple Store... (Score 1) 212

The thing that really got me was the first one they released with USB-C, the one that has a single USB-C port.
They released a Mac that you have to unplug to plug anything else into. It hurts so bad.
I spend a lot time working a computer repair shop, we've only had one come through so far.
It needed data restored from a dead Mac, and to be backed up to an external hard drive.
This involved charging it fully, unplugging it while we attempted to migrate data from the hard drive of the dead Mac in an enclosure, plugging it back in to charge it up again, unplugging it to create the backup on the external drive.
I really love the idea of having a Universal Serial Bus port that we can plug anything and everything into.
But if the machine only has one of those ports, they've missed the entire fucking point.

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