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Comment Re: Not even upset (Score 2) 197

It's pretty ridiculous to me that Linux developers ever accepted the Bitkeeper terms. I honestly can't see a reasonable justification for it. Why the hell would anyone building an open source operating system rely on a closed source revision control system whose license could be - AND WAS - revoked because someone tried to write a tool to interoperate with it?

The resounding boom and development of git was a godsend.

Comment Re:for $9k the specs are horrible (Score 1) 109

I base that in part on one of the intended uses as method of displaying and interacting with scientific visualizations. Some of the software that would really shine on this device benefits greatly from having an actual GPU rather than an integrated Intel graphics chip, but you're spending over 20 grand to get that with the Surface Hub.

Comment Re:That's it... (Score 1) 254

Yes, Arch Linux is unstable. I used Arch Linux for a while and I absolutely loved what they were doing with it, right up until a series of updates that occurred which broke the system to such a degree that I ran for the hills. These updates were known to cause serious issues, and if you were following their newsreel and reading everything they posted you could have avoid having your system hosed, but otherwise you fired off the bog-standard update command your system was FUCKED.

And they deprecated their installer around the same time, claiming it wasn't maintainable and not worth the time.

What a bunch of buffoons.

Comment Re:The house that Gates built was nothing like thi (Score 2) 387

Those guys are behind the curve and will soon be scrambling to make sure everything is up to date.
It's the same situation we had with every major revision of Windows in the past. Hordes of people insisting on keeping their outdated, but working and mission critical, systems up and running. Hordes of people slowly finding that they're having to pass on using the most up to date tools for their jobs because they decided to stick with end of life platforms. Hordes of people getting increasingly frustrated as their old infrastructure begins to fail and they're stubbornly insisting they keep on the old and 'working' while it falls apart.
I understand. I didn't want to let go of Windows 2000, what benefit did Windows XP give me beyond a pretty face? But you know, I was wrong then, and they're wrong now. Let's hope they wise up and start taking the steps to migrate successfully instead of waiting until the infrastructure is 15 years old and crumbling at the slightest touch. Those XP guys who come into my repair shop are a sorry bunch, y'know. But the Vista guys are too, and recently the 7 guys are looking pretty down themselves. It will be far too soon that 8 is on the chopping block, but we'll have the same problems with the same people who don't want to ride the curve and prefer to prop up failing systems with bubblegum and toothpicks.
It's just the same old story. It's not Nadella's Microsoft, it's start working on your migration plans and get ready because this happens every five years and it's not going to stop. It comes with the territory. Keep your tools maintained and replaced them as needed, don't hold onto that rusty hatchet that's going to crumble when it hits the wood, that you've already duct taped together. Be better than that at what you're doing.

Comment It's more the Government than the ISPs. (Score 1) 181

Our internet speeds are hopelessly degraded until the government data collection has been halted. The ISPs are unable to provide appropriate quality of service while they are expected to mirror all data that travels through their pipes. This has been a problem for over a decade now, I doubt it'll come to an end any time soon.

Comment Re: More like a bad design for voting system (Score 1) 57

If hand counted ballots were effective, we wouldn't have the winners announced the day of the polling. It takes more time to count the votes than that. They don't even wait a few days to make a show of it, just announce the winner when only a small amount of votes have actually been counted. Electronic voting has greater ability to be verifiable and accurate, as opposed to this charade we get now.

Comment Re:64 Bit x86 (Score 2) 126

I was bummed as hell that they weren't able to capitalize on it. I watched Apple jump from the 64bit PowerPC G5 CPUs to 32bit Intel CPUs, which I considered a HUGE step backwards. AMD was the only company producing a 64bit desktop CPU that wasn't the G5 at the time, and they got glossed over. I think we'd be seeing a very different field right now if AMD had won the Apple contract. Hoping they can capitalize on their gains being the supplier for the console chips and start giving Intel some real competition again.

Comment Ugh! Stop overloading connectors! (Score 1) 179

This is ridiculous. It was bad enough that Thunderbolt used the mini Display Port connector, now they're overloading USB-C which was already overloaded plenty. Overloading can be an incredibly useful technique when used in things like class operators in object oriented programming languages, but overloading physical connectors is a quick and easy way to break EVERYTHING. Look - the USB-C port on the MacBook Pro prevents you from using wall power and peripherals at the same time, and there's only one of them. Stop this madness. Computers are versatile tools and this is going to seriously limit their usefulness in the long term. Different connectors for different tasks, enough connectors to do those tasks simultaneously, has real world benefits that aren't negotiable in serious usage.

This trend has been evil since the iDevices launched with their all-in-one connector.
My prediction is that we see an awful lot of devices move to this model followed by sales dropping through the floor as the cracks start showing in real world usage. Maybe we'll see a resurgence of desktop sales at that point, assuming the motherboard manufacturers don't blow the goat as well.

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