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Comment Re:factoid (Score 1) 442

That's what I'd heard as well. Whole thing's all kinds of nuts. On one hand, hi, I'm the radio.. Floyd's albums have been cut into singles for quite some time now and that's OK. On the other hand, when people buy their music, listen to the albums.. it's a different experience than just one song, they really did construct a whole album and not just a collection of songs one following another and it would be a real shame for someone to miss out on that.

Comment Re:This seems illogical. (Score 2) 286

Nope. Radios didn't have the stigma of causing accidents that cell phones have, because they're generally operated by truck drivers, police and other emergency vehicles, pilots, racecar drivers, that sort of thing. They tend to not gossip. Wait, no, truck drivers will sometimes ramble over a CB, but there's a difference...

Most people give their conversation their primary attention. Their eyes will move with what they're saying, that's just wrong and bad. If your sentence trails off mid-word because you noticed something off the side of the road and lost your train of thought while you were paying attention to driving over talking, well so what?

When you're driving, driving is the Primary Thing You're Doing. All other things must immediately yield to the needs of driving. You can talk while driving safely, and most people either can't or won't, but it is a Thing That Can Be Done. Proof: It's a thing that has been done by many people for a long time, even in some pretty extreme situations.

Comment Re:Okay (Score 4, Interesting) 283

I don't care. Put me on that rock. Hell, I'll go tonight. Let's do this.

Get me there, let me walk on Mars. The rest is details, nothing that happens after taking a step on another planet could possibly ever matter to me ever again, and whatever was done, whatever was sacrificed, whatever the cost, it would be worth it. I don't care. Let's go.

Comment Re:facebook is an american company (Score 1) 559

It exactly is that black and white, though.
Keep in mind -- this is *ITALY*. Their legal system is not the jewel of the world.
If content was reported and Facebook gave it the A-OK, that might make them liable.
If it was just shit going on that Facebook didn't see? They're not liable, but you can bet Italy is going to try hard as they can to make bank off this.

Facebook didn't publish the videos or comments, common carrier blah blah blah -- if I post some hateful speech right now, slashdot is not liable (in any sane world, keeping in mind this case is in Italy so the opposite would be true).

Comment Re:Not true - hyperbole (Score 1) 590

They don't... I.. no. No, that's not what happens. The case down around Baltimore/DC, where their workers were caught dumping trash bags of ex-pet-corpses into dumpsters (that they didnt even own)?

Yeah came to be that most of the pets that PETA's shelter got in only managed to survive a scant few weeks before being killed. And then thrown in dumpsters illegally, because RESPECT FOR ANIMALS! And also RESPECT FOR NO-DUMPING LAWS!

Comment Re:Ambivalent (Score 1) 278

the particular problem i'm referring to has to deal with the cali low-emissions vehicle standards, it might be different now tbh, but at least at one point it was impossible for a diesel to qualify due to particulate matter in exhaust (that is, even a diesel with less emissions than a gasoline engine had to meet a higher standard which was basically impossible to meet).

it may have changed though.. these days i just try to learn as little about that state as possible, it's just really a mess. the land's great, the people aren't bad, but the rest? ugh

Comment Re:Ambivalent (Score 0) 278

That's actually shockingly bad for an American car, but it's a Nissan, which isn't an American car company. They're just putting a really shitty engine in the American version (the Europeans get a diesel that gets 54mpg, but thanks to California's fucked up emissions laws, diesels aren't something that can be called eco-friendly here).

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