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Comment The Biggest Shock of the Whole Thing (Score 1) 308

Was that someone was able to get all the documentation and source codes out of the CIA's hands and them not knowing about it. There wasn't anything in there that we didn't already know or expect. Just the fact that supposedly 80,000 pages of documents (when its all said and done) got loose into the wild. For an Agency who's mission is secrecy and keeping information quiet, they sure messed that one up.

Comment Re:Senator Wyden: (Score 2) 193

You would think it would. But they play these games at the border where x amount of distance (something 500 or 1000 feet) on either side of the border is "a no man's land" and same thing at international arrival areas at airports. Its not US territory, nor is it Canadian or Mexican territory for the land borders and as such claim your constitutional rights aren't in effect there. This is why they can ask all the questions they want, search your car, detain you and all that other good stuff and not "violate" the Constitution. Hell, there is some 100 mile rule they can operate in from any of the borders where they can intercept and detain you for whatever border related issue they can come up with. Ideally, if you are an American Citizen and are coming back back to the US across one of these borders your Constitutional rights should immediately be in effect when dealing with US Customs and Border Patrol. But, the cowards of the country would rather give up their Constitutional rights for security theater.

Comment Scare Tactic (Score 2) 331

Its a scare tactic to keep the ignorant workers in line. First time I encountered a non-compete (as a factory assembler putting screws in a sheet metal box) I was convinced I was going to be stuck working for these guys forever. So did most of the other people on the floor. I mentioned something to my neighbor, showed him a copy of the Non-Com. He told me what every one else is saying here, it was almost impossible to enforce (in the state I was in at the time) and that there were no penalties and the onus was on the company to do something about it. Of course, I made sure to let all the people on the floor know that information too. After I moved up the ladder to a more technical job there and took a job at a competing company, I got a letter from my old company telling me I was in violation of the Non-Com. My lawyer sent them a letter saying to fuck themselves and that was the end of it.

Comment Re:Not on my watch (Score 1) 224

Its really not the fact you have a few inventions under your belt, I like that. I have 3 people who work for me that have patents in their name. Those 3 guys don't have a patent in the field we work in, so there is no expectation on my part that I have to use it and none on theirs that I'll try something shady to get access to them. They have all helped work on patents for the company and their prior experience just made it that much easier to get done. For me, it would come down to what makes more sense... Hire you or license your patent? I am more than likely not going to do both unless you are absolutely the most amazing candidate I've ever seen and I need you and your patent to do what I need done. Honestly, I'd be more likely to just license the patent if I needed it. Why? It gives me more options than just hiring you and because I don't have to worry about being put in a position where I HAVE to license it. I personally don't like fucking around, fucking people over or being fucked over and this kind of situation leads to one of those situations happening.

Comment Not on my watch (Score 2) 224

What you should have done is created a holding company to "own" the patent. This creates a disconnect between you and your patent. It would be much like when you work on a patent for a company. You can list it on your resume/cv as something you worked on. I'd be worried if someone applied for a job with some patents in that industry that made a point to use that to get the job. I'd see it as a ploy to go "If you hire me, you have to also license my patent". Hell, if I found out you owned the holding company with the patent, I'd probably not hire you for the same reason.

Comment Sure why not (Score 1) 232

Why would I let a company use my hardware and electricity to mine for BitCoins and not get anything of out? They sure as hell won't drop the price of the software, nor will I get some sort of kickback that is worth anything. If there is no incentive in it for me to get a part of the profit, then why should I?

Comment Additions to make (Score 2) 384

Access shafts smaller than 2 meters No straight runs on access shafts that are for core ventilation Tractor Beam generator disables requiring multi-person authorization Cameras on the prison levels Better training of security staff A 5 fold increase in garbage compactor speed and no main airlock opening until the garbage has been vented into space. Defense turrets around the power core Decentralized power generators

Comment Re:Liberal vs Conservatives (Score 2) 293

I think you might be mixing up feelings and emotions with empathy.

Empathy is the ability to recognize the feelings experienced by others.

Liberals tend to have more feelings and emotions and be more empathetic to others, so they make illogical and unreasonable decisions based on feelings and emotions..
Conservatives think more with their own feelings and emotions but their level of empathy is lower, so they reason out a logical solution from unreasonable and illogical starting points.

Comment Re:It has a place, but its no Holy Grail. (Score 2) 287

You are coming at this as someone who reads slashdot... People who come here are anything but causal users.
Most people aren't all that bright or know their butt from a hole in the wall when it comes to technology. The shear fact that they can share between their "awesome" Windows 8 desk top and their mobile app is something new and novel to them. Never mind there is enough integration for the iOS and Android platforms into Windows that is borderline seamless to people who know better. RT's ONLY chance for success is from these casual users because it will not come from the tech savvy or business community.

Comment It has a place, but its no Holy Grail. (Score 1) 287

Windows RT will have a place, but its the same place that is filled by other tablets, smartphones and netbooks. It is going into a crowded market to offer web surfing, app games, email, web apps and light duty documents. Casual users will probably love it, especially if they have Windows 8.

The real crowd MS might have been aiming for, the business community, is going to avoid this product thus limiting its lifespan. The biggest draw of Windows 8 is the ability to use the metro apps between all devices, this is greatest weakness also. To get the full functionality of Windows 8 cross platform features requires all new hardware on the mobile side, at least. Companies have already shelled out for Iphones/iPads or Andriod devices and adjusted their IT infrastructure to work with these devices, then add that Enterprise customers not jumping on the WIndows 8 bandwagon right away, it really puts a crimp in the user base of Windows 8 RT.

Windows 8 RT and its assoicated hardware products will enjoy a moderate sales number. Its inter-connectivity could make it a major force, but its hit the market a day late and a dollar short to knock off iOS and Andriod based products.

Comment Price is important (Score 2) 417

The price is important. I've not bought an iPad for the reason it is too expensive for what it is and what it does. The Windows Tablet just did the same thing. Why would I want to drop the money on a iPad or the Surface when the $250 Nexus or Galaxy does everything I need it to do? None of them replace the gaming computer, nor will any of them replace my work computer which runs my CAD programs, web development stuff and desktop publishing suite. All any of the tablets are good for are surfing the internet, doing email, playing games and some productivity for programs that don't require intensive processor power. Sure I've used my Nexus to work on my manuals but its just been the text part of various sections when i am on the bus. The tablets are a long way from replacing desk tops and laptops. All they have done is just replaced the Netbooks.

Comment So Basically (Score 1) 627

Their requirements are really fair and meant to keep out fringe candidates. Contrary to how you feel, you ARE a fringe candidate. You haven't raised $50k. If you swayed the crowds like you said you have, $50k is a drop in a bucket just from the people you had talked too. Hell, you should have been able to get than from the National Libertarian party.The fact you haven't raised that much means you aren't as popular as you seem to think you are. A daily schedule means more than 2 events a week. You lost all credibility in your post about the email about urging people to blow up the story on Slashdot and Reddit. It is plain and simple attention whoring you are doing. You aren't a serious candidate and are looking to cause a ruckus because you think you should be doing better than you really are.

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