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Comment Re:Creatives? (Score 1) 130

Gestures on external (not on screen) tablet/slate/surfaces has been around for almost ever now.
It is nothing new, nor revolutionary. Yes it has been improved a lt since the early days, but it is still the same concept.
If you can't improve something with 30 years or more of technological advance you need to take up echo-farming where no progress is acceptable and using a paperclip for a novel use is still revolutionary.

Comment Creatives? (Score 1) 130

Ever noticed that these "creatives" mostly seem to be copying apple?
I think what we need is for these people to stop doing that and try to be innovative and think new forms, shapes and concepts. Then maybe they wouldn't call the 7'th generation of slight improvements of a product for a breakthrough and a revolutionary design.

Comment Re:Disable new apps from being installed! (Score 1) 105

It installed candycrush 2 times in a row (new versions) as well as two messanging apps.
Just now it added "Windows DVD player", listing it under recently added.
It was not there 3 hours ago and bandwith meter shows it did indeed use a hunk of data about 1 hour ago.

The fun thing is, the dvd player app is not free, and if you start it you are told to pay for it. Needless to say, on a metered connection it has already cost money in bandwidth, before I made any conscious decision to install it.

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