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Comment Re:Disable new apps from being installed! (Score 1) 105

It installed candycrush 2 times in a row (new versions) as well as two messanging apps.
Just now it added "Windows DVD player", listing it under recently added.
It was not there 3 hours ago and bandwith meter shows it did indeed use a hunk of data about 1 hour ago.

The fun thing is, the dvd player app is not free, and if you start it you are told to pay for it. Needless to say, on a metered connection it has already cost money in bandwidth, before I made any conscious decision to install it.

Comment Availability vs Security (Score 1) 172

Isn't this the same as raid for disk storage?
You run multiple disks spreading and duplicating data so that your availability is higher in case one (or more) disk(s) goes down.
For every disk you add, the chance that something will happen goes up, but the chance of you recovering your data can go up as well.

For your bank account I claim the same to be true. Two banks with different systems double the chance of you experiencing one that has a break-in.
Each bank may have different systems leading to different attack vectors.
You thus spread the money, getting less interest as you have less with each bank (interest level is often linked to ammount in steps.), and their liability if compromised is lower. I see the benefit from the banks perspective but not from yours.

Comment ...and I will not let you track it. (Score 1) 102

It may be of great benefit to your business but it is still none of your business.
It may be a huge source of revenue to your business but it is still none of your business.
It may be very interesting to you people with nothing better to do than read about other people, but it is still none of your business.
In short: It's none of your business.

Comment Autonomous driving begs to be exploited (Score 1) 477

Remember those fun car games on PC where you could drive in a certain way to fool the computer into taking moves that made the opponents crash?
Well, in a eminent crash situation, an autonomous car would have to judge how to handle the situation, and if you are playing "chicken" with it, how will it know?
This just begs for someone to exploit it. Before we know it the first murder will take place by fooling the car into killing it's occupants to save another car that was never in real danger.

Self driving cars is cool and all that, but I am still weary of getting in one myself.

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