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Submission + - How do you tag your media collection?

Kral_Blbec writes: Recently I revamped my media collection to bring all tags and filenames into unison. I used Kid3 for a while, but it just was a little buggy for me. It didn't save properly. Now I am using TagScanner and it is doing a great job. I honestly dont see much point in most tag fields (tempo? beat? composer?) so I've removed most of them. Currently the only fields I use are title, album, artits, track number, and album art. The only other field I would like to use is lyrics, but its been very slow and tedious to do that track by track. So my question is, what program do you use and what fields do you employ in keeping your collection clean?

Submission + - DIY Home Surveillance System

Kral_Blbec writes: "Due to some unfortunate occurrences in the neighborhood, I have become interested in setting up some home security. I don't want to have a paid monthly service, cost being a major factor. Instead, I would like to set up something up using the computers and webcams I already have. A quick Google shows many programs adverting motion detection, but most are freeware/shareware and frankly I don't like going through and setting up a virtual box for each one to test them, seeing as I don't know who is reputable. On the open-source side, there is Dorgem but that has been discontinued, is windows only, and is lacking one major feature I need, an audible alarm. Commercial software is a possibility, like Novosun, but that is a similar problem to testing tons of freeware/shareware, setting up virtual boxes to test trials. I am looking for any program reviews or advice from the Slashdot crowd. Here is a quick list of features
  • motion detection
  • motion recording, either still frame or video
  • alert when motion detected, via PC speakers, sms gateway, or similar


  • audio recording
  • opensource
  • lightweight
  • linux & windows compaible

Submission + - Last Presidential Election I...

Kral_Blbec writes: Last Presidential Election I...
1) Voted for the other guy
2) Voted for Obama and am glad I did
3) Voted for Obama and am starting to regret it
4) Voted for Obama and already regret it
5) Didn't vote but I could have
6) I'm not American you insensitive clod!

Submission + - Gamer Grub... Bawls has a new companion (

Kral_Blbec writes: "Gamer Grub will be available in four flavors considered to be popular with gamers ("Strategy Chocolate," "Action Pizza," "Racing Wasabi," and "Sports PB&J" (that's peanut butter and jelly to the uninitiated), but two features will set this snack apart from the chips, pizza, popcorn, and similar snack foods on which gamers are known to subsist: a proprietary mix of vitamins and other supplements, and a unique "delivery system" that will enable one to consume the product in the midst of gaming without leaving one's fingers, keyboard, and mouse slick with grease."

Submission + - Microsoft to Release Internal Security Tools (

Kral_Blbec writes: Microsoft will soon be letting all programmers use the same tools it does to "ensure it writes near-bulletproof code..." Aren't you excited?

"Microsoft will soon be releasing internal tools and methods it has used over the past little while. These tools were used to reduce the number of security issues in current products, and two of the tools will be free: the SDL Optimization Model and the SDL Threat Modeling Tool 3.0. Both tools will be available for download from the Microsoft SDL website in November... Use of the SDL over the past while has reduced the number of security issues in its new flagship operating system"

The Courts

Submission + - Child abuse "librarian" jailed indefinatly

Kral_Blbec writes: One of the UK's largest pedeophile bust arrests 27 year old man who was the forum moderator in an online child porn ring.

"According to the Times, Thompson was forum moderator of an Internet-based child abuse ring that spanned across 33 countries, including the U.S., Canada, Australia and the UK. His position of authority allowed him to copy images to his own computer. His arrest led to the biggest investigation for child pornography that the United Kingdom has ever seen, which has led to a total of 350 suspects worldwide."

Score +1 for the good guys.,news-2385.html

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