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Comment VR is the greatest thing since VR (Score 0) 114

So VR heralds a golden age. Like in the 90s, when VR was the hottests new thing. Then again in the 00s. And now the 10s. I can't wait for VR to be the hottest new thing in the 20s!

Excuse me, I am going to go not enjoy my 3D TV set while waiting for 3D TV to become the hottest new thing in the 20s.

Comment Clearance (Score 1) 244

To be serious for a moment, even if the US government did have E.T. secrets, I doubt the president would have clearance to know anything about it. The president is basically a figurehead, so I would be surprised if any president was told anything with as deep repercussions as E.T. and spanning more than one 4-year period.

Comment Re: Trump (Score 2) 857

"Actually, even Michael Moore [youtube.com] is saying that voting for Trump is like one giant f-you, and that it will feel good."

Yes, he did say that - in the segment when he was placating Trump voters so they wouldn't walk out but would sit down and listen to the rest of the show. And then he also proceeded for like 40 minutes to explain why that would be a bad idea and that Hillary is actually a better candidate than she is given credit for.

Voting for Trump because you don't like Hillary is like deciding to burn the house down, because you dont like the color of the wallpaper.

Comment WILL older OS'es install? (Score 1) 276

"Of course, older versions of Windows and alternative operating systems will still install and run on Kaby Lake and Zen. They are x86 processors, after all."
This is contraty to what I've read elsewhere, but I'd be interested to know once and for all, if I need new hardware (Kaby or lateR), will I be able to continue using Win7? If there are no kernel drivers (which is what the other articles stated), then ... ?

Comment Re:Would you undertake voting fraud? (Score 2) 239

"First two options are identical, they both translate to "it's okay to subvert democracy if it means MY candidate wins!"

Which talking to people seems to be how a lot of them feel, so the results wouldn't be uninteresting. And amongst those, you would get a split between the candidates, so the poll options make total sense. That said my vote would probably also be "Yes, but I wouldn't know where to begin anyway".

Comment Treating symptoms (Score 1) 370

Why aren't we instead discussing the reasons people do not want Win10 - a free "upgrade"? I understand MSs reasons to want everyone to be on the same platform so that they can move that platform to a service subscription model, but .. isn't the elefant in the room the obvious shortcomings of Win10 as "the last OS Microsoft will release" for the PC platform?

I mean if this is really to be the last large scale release, I'm puzzled by the obvious touchscreen focused UI, the frankly backwards styling and the amount of usability changes since win7 making migration a royal pain in the butt since pretty much everything has moved or been renamed. If you wanted to end on a high note, update the Win7 core and UI with the underpinnings of Win10 and call it a day.

Comment Re:Disruptive? (Score 1) 330

Neither salt nor preservatives are inherently bad. First, preservatives could be pretty much anything, including a lot of natural substances with no harmful effects, eg. vinegar. Second, there is increasing evidence that the demonizing of salt is ill-founded. Each person likely has a different salt requirement to function optimally and the links to high blood pressure and other cardiovascular issues are based on questionable studies some of which have already been disproven.

So my question is really, what was your point?

Comment Expectations (Score 1) 634

OK, so the last time I was unemployed I had about 12 in person interviews before I finally got a job from the 13th. I was absolutely qualified for every position I applied for and went on to the second interview round more than a few times. But the logic of this article, there must have been something nefarious going on. It's plainly nonsense.

Also "recruited" cannot be used in this sense. If she was recruited 4 times, that means she got the job 4 times. Otherwise she was just contacted by a recruiter 4 times - which seems to be the case. I had to read the the headline multiple times to work out why it makes no sense and the actual article to figure out what the intended meaning was.

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