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Comment Scientists are stupid people too! (Score 1) 201

Just like regular people, scientists can make stupid decisions too!
But seriously this has more to do with the fact these kids who are doing these 'scientific' studies are more likely to be loners who don't fit in and who are probably angry at society about it (yeah I've been there too) and they find a group of people (usually on social media) who are like "Hey we get you, we're just like you! Come talk to us, we're your friends" After a bit of conditioning and peer pressure from their new friends who have told the "real truth" and how to fix the world through violence. Most gangs and cults work like this, and this approach works well on socially awkward loners with little to no friends.

In short just because they were studying science doesn't make them any less human then anyone else, just as gullible and foolish as the rest of society.

Comment Faultering Economy (Score 1) 337

This really has nothing to with safety or kangaroos and more to do with our stagnant economy, lack of ingenuity and our governments desperate attempt to bring in more money.

Hell we're letting the Chinese tear up perfectly good agricultural land for some stinkin' ore mine (until it poisons the water). The Indonesians don't want our beef and no one wants to swallow the bitter pill.

Comment Re:Because so much content is made in Aus (Score 5, Interesting) 58

It does affect Australian business in a way because an Australian distributor pays for the right to sell/distribute a tv show or movie in australia. The theory being that a distributor buys the right to distribute a TV/Movie in australia and uses that money to create local content but most of the content is either sport or cooking/renovation shows, which are cheap to make anyway that's why there are so many of them, and any aussie movie made is done so in part with tax payers money. So in the end I can't help feeling that it's all just to prop up distributors who look more like lazy middle men. It's essentially the same reason DVDs have region encoding.

In short, it affect a business which is nothing more then a lazy middle man and contributes very little to Australian culture, lets face it ABC SBS, which are mostly government funded, produce more local content... Funny how the goverment wants to slash their funding

Comment Not going to stop determined downloaders (Score 3, Interesting) 58

After RTFA it's pretty obvious this legislation is only meant to stop lazy downloaders or just inconvenience them, hardcore pirates will no doubt find their work-arounds and keep going on their merry way as always.

I really see this legislation as a bit of tree shaking meant to shoo away all those people who've been downloading copyrighted material because it was so damn easy to do so and there was little to no enforcement of infringement laws. In short the straight up easiness of downloading that latest episode of "A Game of Tits... opps Thrones" isn't going to be as easy as it was.

On a side note there's plenty of free culture out there that can be consumed quite easily; music, videos or whatever. Or you could just go out and make your own damn culture and put it out there for free, screw big business!

Comment Re:Both major parties are bad (Score 1) 96

don't worry about the NBN it'll go ahead as planned no matter who gets in
Yeah I know they(libs) said they'd run a patched network, but the heads of NBN Co. aren't worried because
1. The contracts are in place and it'll cost to much to back out now
2. the Libs plan is to have a patched fibre to node policy, so what about homes that already have fibre to the premises? Tear that up?
it's completely stupid to run a mixed network like that no one would ever sign up to it.
3. you couldn't sell off a half finished network like that, who'd buy that? you'd have to give it away or at the very least take a whopping loss and you'd never recoup you costs.

Comment A Dubious Article (Score 2) 264

Apparently all you need to get front page on slashdot is an article with one link to a blog, that has only one post, created by a random user. Hell the 3rd paragraph of the article beings with 'TL;DR' a phrase I associate with image boards such as 4chan than I do actual journalism and news. While the article is somewhat interesting it's nothing more than an op-ed piece or a letter-to-the-editor at best or some anti-DDG fud created by some PR firm at worst.

Comment Re:India joins the US (Score 1) 160

I feel like china was never meant to be successful, forever as cheap labor for western corporations, oh yeah some of the people will be successful and they'll buy western goods but they're not supposed to be able to compete with us, that's not what free trade is about. I guess we'll have to invade them and bomb them back to the Stone Age so they'll be the impoverished third world labor they were always meant to be.

Comment Re:Ya well that's more difficult (Score 2) 52

I started thinking about VR again and with occulus VR headset being hyped up at the moment I remembered one of the problems with VR headsets was the method of interaction was so clumsy then it occurred to me that maybe combining the headset with a device like a kinect could overcome the object interaction issues or at the very least make them a lot less cumbersome.

Comment Re:Back door man! (Score 1) 181

as opposed to all the backdoors every other government installs in their electronics.
I remember a while back there was scare-mongering over huawei telecom components because huawei had close ties
to the chinese goverment and therefore comprised, I also realized that they
(huawei) were probably in bed with the chinese government beause the chinese govt. wanted telecom infrastructure that they
knew weren't riddled with american govt. backdoors.

Comment Informants Panel at HOPE conference (Score 1) 341

Adrian Lamo spoke at a HOPE conference Informants Panel some years ago about this very subject... ugh anyway
1. he's a rat, snitch whatever and he did because it doesn't take a genius to realize that if someone tells you they just stole a truck load of top secret diplomat cables and is going to release them, the government is going to send people to jail and you have to make a decision if you want to be one of those people.
2. all the flimsy excuses he's given so far sound to me like something a FBI would have to said to him to make him feel better about ratting Manley out, whereas Lamo would have looked less like a creep if he just admitted to ratting Manley out because he didn't want to go to jail.

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