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Comment Re:Sanity to prevail? (Score 4, Informative) 55

Problem is there was an original set of draft guidelines drawn up that stated the games R18+ rating would basically allow the same degree of content that is allowed in R18+ films, however that draft was unable to gain an unanimous vote (required) from all the AG's. A re-draft was then done on the games R18+ guidelines that was more limiting and can easily be interpreted as little other than a re-branding of MA15+. That is what got passed by the AG's.

Comment Re:A nice KDE implementation, but... (Score 1) 117

a. Mepis, although not running a 3.x kernel, does run a 2.6.36 kernel (as opposed to Debian 6.0's 2.6.32 kernel), so that's something at least.
b. I guess, but for normal desktop use is there really much to gain? These are 'desktop' distros/respins we're talking about here. I run ext4 on my main workstation and am happy.
c. Mepis also has this, it has everything Debian Stable has, possibly more recent versions of other DE's/WM's in their repo... but both PC-BSD and SimplyMEPIS focus on KDE and do a lot of work to integrate it, so that's the comparison that matters in this case, IMO.
d. I don't have enough knowledge of the extent of Debian/Mepis VS FreeBSD/PC-BSD documentation available, so I guess I'll take your word for it.
e. The Debian developers do MASSIVE amounts of work to integrate the fragmented GNU/Linux components into a cohesive whole. My experiences with both Debian and Mepis show that they've done this job very well, albeit always resulting in software versions being a bit dated at the time of release.

All that said, understand, I don't think PC-BSD is "bad". I booted the live DVD and played around with it for a bit and it seemed pretty great, I just struggled to see noteworthy benefits over Mepis, whereas I can find some examples of hardware/peripherals that have Linux driver support, but not BSD support, AMD/ATi proprietary driver for one, Canon printers for another (last I checked).

Comment A nice KDE implementation, but... (Score 2) 117

...SimplyMEPIS (v11) is overall better (albeit the KDE version is older) for joe-average user, due to better hardware support under Linux amongst other things. Stability of Debian with a polished KDE setup; what can PC-BSD offer that it can't? (...and before anyone screams 'fanboi', i'm not from the Mepis community, I run ArchLinux myself, but i've found Mepis to be great for my novice-user family members and friends)

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