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Comment Re:Dreamweaver (Score 1) 129


Clients are expecting developers to deliver a high end experience, but refusing to let us use the proper technologies. They're hard core on the HTML5 bandwagon without any real understanding of the limits it currently imposes.

This is the real issue. Adobe shouldn't have so publicly declared this drop of support for mobile - it should have just been quiet. This announcement will drive Flash many developers away. Adobe may get around it all by just buying the next set of non-Adobe HTML5 dev tools if they grow more popular than their own....but the move was poorly handled, and puts current content developers in a very difficult position.

Comment Re:Two good choices follow (Score 1) 554

I ran Mercury Mail on a Windows Server box (and got my share of crap for that from the *nix crowd ;-) several years ago, for a few years, on a static DSL connection at home. Worked pretty well overall. I abandoned it when storage space became an issue with the IMAP setup and, finally, when the ISP banned outbound 25. Since my SMTP had to then forward to the ISP's SMTP...the only advantage my setup had was local (fast) delivery to the clients....but with faster connections, that also became moot....
Then there were the occasional power outages which killed all deliveries and, bah, just not worth the hassle.
And THAT was just with a family setup. Nowhere near the hassles of the corporate tales shared here.

Now I just have a reseller account on web host where I can setup websites and email for various friends and customers - all low-volume stuff. The host keeps the IPs and traffic fairly clean, SpamAssassin does fine for server filtering, and we all have Cpanel > Horde webmail (which, yes, is lame and last-decade, but works).

At work, small 25 person company, IT does host their own Exchange server at the the same DC where various other servers are hosted. Works well enough but it does take a bit of time to manage (I'm out of that grunt game now though).

Comment Re:Misses the point (Score 1) 510

Adobe is already on this. They've just released an add-on for Dreamweaver CS5 to assist in HTML5 development.

Adobe is not just Flash. Adobe makes tools. Sure they want to see Flash remain, but if/when HTML5 becomes more refined, Adobe will provide tools for that tool (and they already are).

Be informed not biased.

Comment Re:End of Proprietary Formats? (Score 1) 272

I don't accept your premises.

"Create a version in Flash and not support the iPhone, iPad, and several other phones."

When the Flash 10 Player is officially released, mobile phone support shouldn't be an issue, except for Apple devices. So do you re-do everything, or start new with a new HTML 5 spec, to add support for Apple Hardware? Or do you use Flash which covers pretty much all devices and let Apple users miss the experience? So 15% of the phone market misses that really that big a deal? Maybe...

"Create a version in Flash and a version in HTML5 to support both regular Web browsers and the iPhone, iPad, and Mobile devices that don't do Flash?"

Surely not ideal, agreed.

"Just create an HTML5 version without Flash, and still support both all major browsers and the iPhone, iPad, and other mobile browsers, excluding some very old versions of browsers that have not installed the Google Frame plug-in?"

It's not a finalized spec, and won't be for a few more YEARS. There's no consistent browser support. A killer to much online video, there's no DRM (as 'evil' as it may be). There are no IDE tools to support the animation components (though Adobe will be the first to release one).

Finally, the Flash Player needs work, no doubt. Flash itself has been poorly used and written by many, no doubt (not Adobe/Flash's fault). So browsers which will now render all this stuff natively...won't be bloated, won't eat lots of RAM, won't be slow...
Javascript is no doubt a better language and more efficient that Actionscript...right?

Comment Work address (Score 1) 1049

(work at Microsoft...

I read through up to here to see if anyone mentioned this aspect.
While it may be amazing that anyone still works at AOL, they do. I know some very smart and talented folks who work for AOL and have AOL email addresses.
While I generally attribute the, um, 'non-techie' stereotype to most AOL addresses...I certainly wouldn't discard resumes that list least not until checking to see if they actually work/ed there.
If they never have, well, ok...maybe that resume doesn't get tossed but it may end up toward the bottom of the pile.

Comment Re:Basic feature? (Score 1) 668

Does that only work if you let iTunes manage your library? My library was already established when I setup iTunes and when I tried to allow iTunes to manage it, things got mangled and I was not pleased with the result.
However, I can't say I've tried a DnD on iTunes in years, so may be worth a try again. I still think a periodic review and update of my library folder would be...nice.

Comment Re:Why is there a browser in the music player? (Score 1) 668

I disagree. Why not at the application level? PDF creator monitors a folder for new files and automatically converts them to PDF (or at least, it did last I heavily used it). I'd rather my OS not do something like that if it's not needed.

Having to manually update the iTunes library on all 4 computers in the house is dumb and annoying.

Comment Re:I'll Tell You What It Means (Score 1) 3709

Largely, that was a Bunch of Crap.
Agreed, Dems now have the opportunity to fix things. I sure hope they do. I'm skeptical considering the lack of progress over the last two years.

The press, however, will report a story if it means viewership. They're not 'married' to anyone...they are possibly the LEAST loyal of any group.

Bush was loved after 9/11 and had a free pass for YEARS on his mismanagement. The press finally caught on that this would make a good story...let the 'bashing' begin.

Obama will have no sort of free pass...and considering the expectations, I expect exactly the opposite.

What will be interesting is how the Daily Show handles the evolution!

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