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Comment Complete opposite at our corporation (Score 1) 342

At the corporation that I work that, the CTO is a woman. *Every* single person that reports to her, is a woman. Most of management is female.

It's so anti-male, for instance, we recently had a tour of our department by upper management (approximately 15 people I'd guess) and there wasn't a man amongst them. I jokingly told my coworker the only way we'll ever get promoted is to cut off our penises, and... well it's partly true.

Majority of the IT sector is male. Majority of management is female. This is how my corporation works.

Comment I'm excited. (Score 1) 205

I can't wait. Autonomous cars is a solution to a multitude of problems - namely bad drivers. How many times does a 3 lane highway merge into two lanes causing a traffic jam - know what causes that traffic jam? All the assholes who stay in the lane that's ENDING just to butt in at the front of the line. If all those cars had merged a mile back, there would be NO traffic jam!

Stop building highways bigger. Let the cars drive themselves, pack them in like sardines going 100 km/hr.

I love driving, but morons take the fun out of it.

Comment Here's what holds ME back. (Score 4, Interesting) 530

You know what holds ME back?

I work hard. I worry about retirement, about having kids. I can't AFFORD to spend "extra" to go green. I will do what is cheapest. If, in the long run, a 30 mpg car helps my pocketbook over a 50 mpg car, I'll get it. I make no apologies.

Until it's actually CHEAPER to go green, why the hell would people, who are generally underpaid and overworked by Multi-Corp Corporatoin, go green. They can't AFFORD to. If it was cheaper for me to buy a Prius (without contemplating how green the batteries are but purely looking at it from a MPG view), I would. When you see the people in North America driving around with their inefficient pickups in this day and age of impending doom, you realize that we as a species are generally screwed anyways. You want small business to go green? It has to be in their best financial interest.

Westerners want cheap goods. They simply DO NOT CARE about the environmental footprint involved in making those goods in third world countries. They might even SAY they would pay more to get them made Green... but they're generally full of shit. Me going green doesn't make one shit tonne of difference to the world, especially when I see the absolute insane amount of waste of people around me. I could write a whole post about the shit I see on a daily basis that just makes me shake my head. What's holding people back, you ask? They don't care. Try telling some third world person shitting in a river trying to make ends meet on a daily basis that he has to go green.

We are at the top of the population graph, or will be very soon.... and it's all downhill from there. I have absolutely no faith that we can come through this, unless we get somebody who makes the decisions who isn't paid by Multi-Corp Corporation.

Comment "Salesman"? (Score 4, Interesting) 168

When was the last time you had to legitimately phone up a salesman to ask him a question anyways.

Last car I bought I knew the invoice price ahead of time. I picked two dealerships in different cities, emailed them my offer. When they both responded, I took the cheaper response and emailed the other dealership. Rinse and repeat. When one stopped negotiating, I then went to a third dealership with the lowest price so far.

In the end, I didn't even pick up the phone and talk to my salesman. I met him the day I picked up the car.

Comment Autonomous Cars (Score 5, Interesting) 717

The answer to better mpg, traffic shaping, less accidents is - as much as I hate to say it - is autonomous cars.

They can drive at the best measured MPG zone, they don't get distracted, they have faster response times than human drivers. They don't hit the gas pedal stopping you from merging onto the highway or changing lanes, they don't pass illegally or drive recklessly. Numerous studies have shown that traffic jams are simply caused by people following too closely.

I don't know for sure, but I really think the next evolution of vehicle transport will be autonomous.

Comment Re:not completely surprised ... (Score 4, Interesting) 149

I took it to my parents house, where my 78 year old GRANDMOTHER was playing Wii Tennis.

My grandmother walked into the living room, saw us playing tennis and started laughing - I told her to grab the controller. She said "I can never play videogames". "Grandma, it's easy" I said.

She proceeded to play... to even jump to make smash shots. Most comical.

Also, my mom phones me once every couple of weeks to bring over the Wii.

It may not be the most powerful system, but it's definately opening Nintendo up to new demographics.

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