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Comment Re:Still hasn't learned (Score 1) 157

I don't know why you think they should be able to survive on releasing the same games that exist on two other consoles already. Why would anyone buy a Nintendo system at all?

Nintendo's salvation lies in strong third party support, but they won't be the same games as are on the PS4 and XBox.

Game budgets for PS4 and XBone are enormous. The pipelines are huge, and hard to fill. When you've got that much horsepower, you need a lot more creative staff to make sure there's actually something worth rendering. If Nintendo produces a modestly equipped console that has decent graphics, it will be a much lower barrier to entry.

Comment Re: Collision avoidance, not autopilot (Score 1) 219

Tesla's autopilot is as much an autopilot at plane autopilot is. Plane autopilots require two human pilots in the cockpit, and they aren't allowed to just sit around and play Pokemon the whole time.

Autopilots don't mean you're allowed to stop paying attention, they just removed some of the drudgework of maintaining distance and emergency braking.

Comment Re:I'm not here to test your OS. (Score 1) 151

More people definitely doesn't mean a better product.

I've worked on projects where they turn the people-hose on near the end, and it 100% does not work. It tends to make things worse, in fact.

For testing purposes, what they'd have to do is hire people to...go out and use their phones like they're normal people in the world using their phones. Why not leverage the users that want early access to the software? They've done enough testing to make sure it's mostly stable and won't destroy your data, may as well release it on the world. It leads to better products faster. I'm not sure why anyone objects to that. Nobody's making us use the beta.

Comment Re:This is Their Explanation?! (Score 1) 61

Apple itself DID know better. I mean, they had a whole service based around fingerprinting and metadata.

So you can't snarkily make a comment about how they're incompetent "at every level". (And they really, obviously aren't. They're making a lot of money at it--if they were as incompetent as you'd like to believe, they would've gone out of business long ago. It's not like there aren't other options.)

That said, it's not clear why they rolled out a meta-data match with Apple Music. That WAS obviously a bad decision, but it was also a deliberate decision. In my experience, Apple makes seemingly bad decisions often, but they're almost always deliberate. You may not agree with them, or they may be objectively bad, but there was someone that actually sat down and considered it (and eventually got it wrong, unfortunately). It may be that meta-data matches are faster or easier or it was something they were contractually obligated to try for DRM-ish reasons, which the industry always loves trying to impose. I honestly don't know.

Either way, I'm glad it's done with. I avoided adding my home library to Apple Music because I didn't want a zillion mismatched files. iTunes Match worked great for me for the years that I had it, so I'm sure this update will work fine.

Comment Re:CFAA? (Score 0) 61

Uh, the key word in each one of those points is about knowing and intentional damage of data. Apple didn't code something up with the express intention of destroying data. No matter what you think of Apple, they don't code in little bombs to ruin your day just for the hell of it. It was a bug. If we start looking at all bugs as intentional damage, we're going to have a lot fewer programmers willing to release software.

Comment Yes. iOS betas going back to 7 (Score 0) 151

I only have one phone, and I install new OSes on it.

I used to install the developer previews, but I don't actually do any development (I was paying the $99 for the dev account because I really was going to write something and submit it...eventually) and frankly, those were too buggy even for me.

Now I do the public betas. I love the new features (I love patch notes day for OSes and games like WoW or Diablo 3) and they're stable enough that I'm not going insane. Battery life is markedly worse, and there are some times that mobile data will be flaky and get chewed up really quickly. I'm okay with those things.

I also get a chance to submit feedback on bugs that I've had issues with for a long time, not just new bugs.

These are betas, not alphas. I keep good backups, but I've never needed them.

Comment Re:I'm not here to test your OS. (Score 1) 151

There are too many use cases to accurately cover them all. App interactions with the system on top of new APIs--no company could afford to hire that many people to test all the possibilities.

The developer and public betas are a good compromise. They're opt in. I get a chance to use stuff first and play with it, which is something that I like (I'm the guy that always loved patch notes day in WoW or Diablo 3), and you get a less buggy OS. I think we can all win here.

Comment Daily? Hourly? (Score 1) 331

How do you mean "switch". At my work we have a main dev language and a couple in-house languages that are used to generate code. I also use emacs as my main programming environment, so I write a little bit of elisp weekly, probably. Or do you mean how often do I abandon a language and move to a new one forever? In that case, not once in 15 years.

Comment Re: meta discussion who is responsible for hacks? (Score 1) 73

Ugh, no.

Use weak, shitty passwords for weak services. Who cares? Let them take your forum account. Use the same dumb easy to remember password in as many places as you can get away with so you can remember a strong password for each important service.

It's hard to remember a lot of passwords, and some things aren't worth protecting, honestly. It just takes up headspace to try. But make sure you've got something good when it counts and don't use it anywhere else.

Comment I pay already (Score 2) 72

I have more podcasts than I can listen to, and most of them are free. I pay a subscription for an ad-free version of the Savage Lovecast, but that version also comes with extra content. I listen to the ads of the other shows and for the most part, it's actually stuff I want. I also listen to a lot of shows from the CBC, so I've kind of already paid for those.

I can't believe they can give me greater value than what I'm getting. Shows in my schedule, more plentiful than I can actually handle, and all of them finding their own way to monetise. The current hands-off system is one of the best things Apple has ever done. The only people that don't like it are advertisers that don't want to be cut out of any advertising loops. (Meanwhile, the cost per conversion that podcast advertisers pay is insanely cheap.)

Comment Let's get mad over vaporware! (Score 1) 266

Apple has patented a thing, they haven't made a thing. Let's be mad when they actually make a bad thing based on a patented thing. They hold a lot of patents for things that never see the light of day, and they like to keep their bases covered. It's dubious at best that they'd actually implement this when they're also attempting to make it so nobody except you is allowed to access your data--not even the authorities. It seems like they're willing to die on that hill; I doubt they're willing to die on this one, even if the patent exists.

Comment Re:5 years too late (Score 1) 159

Apple has to deal with patent trolls all the time. Sometimes they even deal with patent trolls on behalf of their developers.

We all know the system is busted; Apple is an old hand at fending off these garbage suits. What's ACTUALLY novel about this one is you know exactly who's suing them--it's not some faceless registered patent holding umbrella corp. with empty offices somewhere in Texas.

Comment Re:Liability vs Sales (Score 1) 364

I use the XKCD word replacement extension. I've substituted 'cat' for 'car', and additionally, 'a woman named catherine' for 'a cat'. So this is how your comment was eventually translated, and it was amusing enough for me to include that preamble before posting:

"From a Liability perspective you're safer prioritizing overall minimization of loss of life.
From a Sales perspective, who's going to buy a woman named catherine that's programmed to purposefully kill you under certain circumstances?"

It's true either way!

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