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Comment Bedework, a CalDAV server (Score 1) 204

Have you tried Bedework?

Bedework is an open-source enterprise calendar system that supports public, personal, and group calendaring. It is designed to conform to current calendaring standards with a goal of attaining strong interoperability between other calendaring systems and clients. Bedework is built with an emphasis on higher education, though it can be (and is) used by many commercial enterprises.


Submission + - Spain Arrests Three Over Mariposa Botnet (

thomst writes: The Associated Press's Jordan Robertson reports that authorities in Spain have arrested three alleged "ringleaders" of the Mariposa botnet. The three, whose handles and ages are "netkairo," 31; "jonyloleante," 30; and "ostiator," 25, were described by Guardia Civil (Spanish national police) Captain Cesar Lorenza as "normal people", and unlike Russian or Eastern European mafioso in their behavior. The Mariposa botnet has been around since 2008, and, according to the report, has infected as many as 1.3 million computers spread across more than 190 countries. Panda Security, the Spanish antivirus vendor, helped the Guardia Civil track down the accused. The key break in the case came when one of those arrested attempted to regain control of the botnet from his own computer.

Submission + - Spain busts ring accused of infecting 13 mln PCs

shmG writes: Spanish police have arrested three men accused of masterminding one of the biggest computer crimes to date — infecting more than 13 million PCs with a virus that stole credit card numbers and other data. The men were suspected of running the Mariposa botnet, named after the Spanish word for butterfly, Spain's Civil Guard said on Tuesday. Mariposa had infected machines in 190 countries in homes, government agencies, schools, more than half of the world's 1,000 largest companies and at least 40 big financial institutions

Submission + - Another Botnet Beheaded (

northernboy writes: Defense Intelligence of Ottawa working with ISPs and Spanish authorities have taken down yet another > 12 megaPC botnet. The three top-level operators are in custody, but remain anonymous under Spanish law (how quaint: apparently in Spain, the accused have some right to privacy?). AP is claiming that the botnet included systems in roughly half of the Fortune 1000 companies, scattered over 190 countries.

There are a number of interesting details: none of the three principals has a prior criminal record. Although apparently hardworking, they are not uber-hackers, but rather had connections to the Spanish mafia that apparently helped equip them. At the time of arrest, they were not showing signs of their significant new income level.

From the article:
Chris Davis, CEO of Ottawa-based Defence Intelligence, said he noticed the infections when they appeared on networks of some of his firm's clients, including pharmaceutical companies and banks.

It wasn't until several months later that he realized the infections were part of something much bigger.

After seeing that some of the servers used to control computers in the botnet were located in Spain, Davis and researchers from the Georgia Tech Information Security Center joined with software firm Panda Security, which is headquartered in Bilbao, Spain.

The investigators caught a few lucky breaks. For one, the suspects used Internet services that wound up cooperating with investigators. That isn't always the case.

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