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Comment Re:Just more wanna-be "mommy" behavior (Score 1) 136

Protecting the "middle-class soccer mom types" against they themselves actively downloading porn isn't Apple's goal. The Apple stance has more to do about assuring parents that their pure and precious children can be trusted with an idevice by claiming it's impossible to actively/passively access porn (and that because of this the moms should buy their children an idevice instead of a dirty android). Don't mistake marketing for morality.

Comment Re:Double dipping (Score 1) 129

The only ones who benefit are our equivalents of the RIAA. Parent poster used a web puchased song in his/her example but it can also be about commercially pressed CD media. It doesn't matter on what medium you originally got the song/movie. It doesn't matter if you use the hard disk for original purchased content, a copy of purchased content, your own content or for gathering dust. If you buy something that can store, play or copy the stuff, you pay. I am not familiar with the Austria version, but i can give you the Belgian situation which should be similar (but not necessarily identical) since these laws are a result of the same European parliament directive which handles copyright and its exceptions (*) ( ), the same international lobbying groups and similar "creative sector" loving local politicians. In Belgium we have a law that gives autors the exclusive right to copy or allowing to copy in whatever possible way while at the same time they are obliged to allow copying of audio/audiovisual material in the personal environment (* the EU imposed exception). To compensate the authors for this not complete "whatever possible way" our politicians created the Auvibel tax. A tax that the producer or importer of digital/analog media/player pays to the Auvibel organisation (created for this purpose). This tax is passed on to the final customer who even has to pay VAT on the tax. Auvibel transfers the money they get to the content organisations, our *IAA's. In the link you see the list of media and the tarif on them:

Comment Re:What were they expecting? (Score 1) 504

A tablet is a tool too. Its great for reading, reading e-mails, technical documents can be productive too. Its portability, form factor and battery make it great for special purposes (i use one for WMS puposes in the warehouse). Many commenters will also be able to enlighten you about how it helped them with their needs. And the portability advantages can outweigh the lack of keyboard disadvantages for some. Its not because some people bought them because of a fad, many companies failed to create a decent strategy and app portfolio to aid their business processes and some people are too stupid to figure out their potential that you can generalise the uselessness of tablets. And don't forget that a tablet can be a great tool for the purpose of entertaining yourself and fighting boring moments during waiting times (travel, dentist waitingroom,...) (ps sorry for my english)

Comment Re:If Obama's BIRTH can be an issue (Score 1) 571

The logic is more complex, other factors apply. Spend now and reap rewards later (investing). Tax too much and capital will flee/drain from the economy... Unfortunately the results of these factors are difficult to quantify in economical models and are being stated more in support of ideology then in support of logic (and this happens by all sides.)

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