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Comment SJW double standards (Score 1) 858

Let me get this straight. Some men dislike a show which is about shallow nonsense and motivations, and downvote said show on IMDB. Instead of congratulating them, some SJWs bash them for having an enlightened viewpoint, . So even if you are in support of feminists/enlightened motives, you still get bashed by SJWs, just because you are a man. It looks like SJWism isn't really about social justice, but only about bashing the supposed oppressors.

It still puzzles me that SJWs are unwilling or unable to realize that the current western culture, while admittedly not being social justice utopia, yet, is probably the most socially just culture in human history. People have lived and died for what some people take for granted. Gay rights are not natural rights (because, in nature, gay behaviour is, by definition, "abnormal"), but they have been fought for and defended. Medical sex reassigments have been made possible by the medical advancements in western "patriarchic" societies. Universal suffrage, that people regardless of sex or income have one vote, is a huge achievement.

I'm not saying western culture is free of any social problems, but please don't suggest that voting down a shallow TV show on an internet platform is one of those problems.

Comment Re:RIAA shooting themselves in the foot again (Score 1) 193

I believe that the studios and AACS are actively trying to destroy BD now, because with streaming and online sales they can control your content access and consumption far better, and they can cut out the middle-men and meat-space in the process. Taking the abilty for PC users to make use of their BD drives and discs is one way to ensure that.

Comment Sense of responsibility (Score 2) 479

What's the point of having managers if they don't take responsibilty? My impression always was that upper management gets paid big bucks because their main job is to take responsibility for the company, in good AND bad times. It's bad enough that a lot of managers just leave like a whipped dog when the slightest problem arises, but not taking responsibility for your company's strategy and staff while in cahrge is another level.

Comment Brakes aren't the issue, drivers are (Score 1) 451

Automatic emergency braking includes a range of systems designed to address the large number of crashes, especially rear-end crashes, in which drivers do not apply the brakes or fail to apply sufficient braking power to avoid or mitigate a crash.

From my experience on german highways most dangerous situations arise because drivers don't keep enough distance between vehicles. Emergency brakes will certainly help with that, but what's really needed is proper training of drivers, and more careful driving.

Comment AMIGA OS (Score 1) 354

You're missing the elephant in the room. A wide-spread computer in the mid 80s (at least here in Germany) was the AMIGA, and with it AMIGA OS. I was able to somewhat "use" it being less than 10 years old.

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