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Comment Re:10% ? Great (Score 1) 184

I live in Poland. Govt Healthcare costs the same for everyone. I don't smoke or drink a lot of alcohol. Only thing that can "punish" me for information about me is car insurance, but they're far from being that technologically advanced. Doesn't scare me at all. Maybe future generations will see that, but in reality, I just gain from the lack of privacy for now.

Comment Re:Why do users pin? (Score 1) 857

Same here. The UI to start new apps from start menu is the best I've seen in Windows (hit start key - type 2-3 letters - hit Enter) but still it's easier for me to click the right icon (which is always in the same spot, no matter if started or not) with my mouse. Changing how the start menu looks doesn't change any of this behaviour - keyboard still works.

Comment Re:hmm... a bit evasive (Score 2) 119

I want my information sold, as I get some service from the company selling my data in exchange. I prefer to pay with my information than with my money. I work hard to get my money. I just live by to get the information - it's being created no matter what I do. To get money, I have to do specific things in specific time, sometimes in a specific location, which doesn't have to be my preferred way of spending time. It's way easier to create information than money.

Comment No, I don't (Score 1) 347

I don't stress about work after work. The thing is: the right organisation. You have people you can rely on, that will do the job when you're not there. And yes - that means someone available under the phone 24x7. Sometimes it's me, but usually not - it's a shift. So - work hard when you work, don't think about it when you're not working :)

Comment What about Winamp? (Score 1) 321

Winamp was a small, great, fast and reliable MP3 player. It was, up to version 2.95. Then they started version 3, which was waaay slower, with new eye candy and crossfader. Nobody actually used it, so they got the UI of version 3, tried to catch up with version 2's speed and reliability and made it Winamp 5 (2+3 = 5).

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