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Comment Re:It's time to ditch the NoSQL bullshit. (Score 1) 119

I really don't think you've worked in a telco that big and specially with a pre-paid system, which is the most adopted in my country.

There's strict regulations for this kind of system:

- once the costumer charges credit for the phone, it must be available for use in less then 3 minutes;
- when a costumer makes a call (or sends an sms, mms, uses the data network etc), the amount of credit available must be validated in less than half a second, no calls should be dropped because of inability of the system to validate credit;
- and there's the DW, which has to show graphics in real time (and I mean, if someone wants to know how many calls where issued in the last 30 minutes, this information must be available); - and many other stuff, I won't write it all down in a post at /. :P

Do you have any idea how many charges a day this specific telco receives? How many calls? The amount of transactions in the databases is at the very least one or two orders of magnitude higher than the amount twitter has to deal with.

Comment Re:It's time to ditch the NoSQL bullshit. (Score 3, Interesting) 119

Any telecom does way more than that.

I've worked in a big telecom with 40mi+ clients and I've seen an 8 nodes Oracle RAC responsible for the whole pre-paid client database handle far, far more transactions and queries than Twitter says it does.

Each regional server responsible for authorizing the calls has a 2 node Oracle RAC and it too handles far more transactions and queries than Twitter.

So, there you go... The excuse to use NoSQL was that it is quicker in some cases. It's not, time to move back to RDBMS.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 423

I used to like the Marvel "Ultiverse", but it's amazing how they've managed to screw it up in a matter of months. A few new writers and it's just ruined. The Ultiverse should be a complete reboot of the traditional Marvel Universe, away from the continuity problems, but there you go.

Comment Re:Oh please (Score 1) 420

Venezuela's defense spending is just over $2B/year. Their oft-foe, Colombia, spends about $6B/year. And the US spends over $400B/year.

IF those numbers are true, and I think those $2B/year spent on Venezuela is quite low, Colombia spends that much per year because they're fighting narco-terrorists (FARC). Terroristst with wich Chavez has friendship, terrorists who received same bazoocas and a few dozen rockets from Venezuela's army.

And, FYI, your "peaceful marches" involved a freaking coup.

Even those made by high school studants in the last couple of years?

Comment it's not ethanol itself (Score 4, Insightful) 894

it's not ethanol itself, it's just the way US produce it... none of those arguments would apply to sugar cane. about the engines, brazil is using pure ethanol for quite sometime and it just doesn't destroy the engines the way tfa implies. if it's happening on US, maybe you should take another look at the auto industries.

Submission + - Community interview: Novell answers 10 questions (

Knux writes: "Two months ago, the brazilian Linux community gathered around BR-Linux invited Novell to answer 10 questions sent and selected by the users, about the company's stance on Linux, open source, licenses, document formats and other subjects.

Novell accepted the invitation, and agreed to send the questions unchanged (except for the translation to English, provided by them) to the company's headquarters in the US. The answers came back, credited to Novell (no individual authorship), and were translated back to portuguese, for discussion among brazilian readers.

One of the questions, sent by the reader semente, wasn't answered at all, other answers look evasive, some of them repeat known company policy without adding much more meat to it (the deal was about interoperability, you know), but most of them may reveal more than a glimpse of unfiltered opinion: "Novell believes there should be one open standard and that standard is ODF", "We do not believe that Linux infringes on any Microsoft patents", "We welcome GPLv3", and so forth.

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