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Comment Re:Very surprised that it took this long (Score 1) 232

I can very clearly see and read his comment: it said "Nevertheless that is what coreboot does.", and that is what I responded to. The "used to be" part of his comment is quite clearly refering to the name change, and not to a change of scope. In fact, if you had read what you linked to, you would realise that coreboot/LinuxBIOS has never used the linux kernel for anything past a payload (linux was the orignal payload, as the old name suggested) - it is not (and never has been) involved in the hardware initialisation at all.

Comment Re:Very surprised that it took this long (Score 2) 232

Coreboot doesn't use linux at all. Coreboot just initalises hardware, then loads a payload from ROM. That payload can be a Legacy BIOS service provider (SeaBIOS), an EFI environment (TianoCore), a bootloader (U-Boot, GRUB2), a Linux kernel, or pretty much any x86 code that does not require any BIOS/EFI services present.

Comment Re:Looking good so far. (Score 1) 157

No one makes decent graphics drivers. Intels drivers have so many strange oddities it's not funny (random garbage textures/shader faults), AMDs are generally naff, nVidias break themselves every so often and need a full reinstall (wiping your configuration out along with it), and Matrox releases updates once every 3 years (if you are lucky).

Comment Office 2003 (Score 3, Informative) 337

Office 2003 was the last truly good version of Office (in my opinon at least). It worked properly then; without the quirks of Office 2000 (and still works perfectly now, having full compatablity with the new Office file formats via an update), didn't have the deliberately obtuse ribbon user interface - which steals a large chunk of screen space, and if hidden to reclaim that space, requries more clicks than simply having a toolbar did. I fail to see any good reason to switch, as unlike the move from XP to 7, no new features of any consequence have been added, and no (positive) updates in speed or behaviour have been made.

I cannot speak for OpenOffice, as the last time I used it was ~7 years ago - and at the time OpenOffice felt like something from the Windows 3.1 era.
I also cannot speak for LibreOffice, as I have never used it.

Comment So just factory reset... (Score 1) 71

So just factory reset via bootloader download mode which will remove all attached accounts and wipe the phone. Go reinstall all your stuff...

This is about as useful at preventing use of a device as setting a phone lock PIN/pattern/password. A better way of doing this would be to have the network operator disable outgoing calls/data/SMS/MMS during certain times, as another SIM would be needed (on GSM) or a carrier reprogram (on SIM-less CDMA). Of course this would not stop use of local applications or WiFi/Bluetooth data.

Comment Sandforce... (Score 5, Insightful) 106

So, what Intel are saying, is that they are going to take a SSD controller with unstable, buggy firmware - and then add a feature that allows users to modify the internal constants the firmware uses to do it's job. This can only end very badly, unless Intel and Sandforce do some serious testing to find and fix the data corruption issues, the problems with the drive ignoring the host, and the problems where the drive gets stuck in busy.

(all problems detailed in this post have been experienced with an Intel branded, Sandforce controller-ed drive)

Comment Yep! (Score 3, Informative) 99

On the Xbox 360, you can use a retail console as a (limited) devkit for developing Xbox Live Indie Games with XNA. This requires two things: XBLIG Membership attached to your Xbox Live account, and the development/debug tool installed on the Xbox 360 (XNA Game Studio Connect). XNA Game Studio Connect requires you to be signed in to Xbox Live with an account with XBLIG membership before it will launch unsigned code. If at any time during execution of unsigned code your network connection drops, or you sign out of Xbox Live, the hypervisor/debugger forcefully resets the console.

I am gonna guess that you are 100% correct in your guess of retail XB1's behavior when running unsigned code - at least going from my use of XBLIG/XNA Game Studio Connect.


Submission + - 21 More of the Best Free Linux Games (linuxlinks.com)

Donald Cramble writes: Over the past 4 months we have continued to receive a steady stream of emails from individuals recommending games that were not included in our previous free game articles.

After much testing, we have whittled down these users' recommendations to a list of 21 highly addictive Linux games, covering as many different types of game genre as possible. Hopefully, there should be something of interest here for all types of gamers! All of these games are great fun to play.

We have also compiled the Top 100 Free Linux Games.

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Classic Games (Games)

History of the Pinball Construction Set 32

Matt Barton writes "I thought you all might enjoy our article on the history of Bill Budge's Pinball Construction Set, a key progenitor to LittleBigPlanet and other games that enable users to generate their own shareable content. The article is heavily illustrated and covers the game's precedents as well as those it influenced (Bard's Tale Construction Set, Racing Destruction Set, etc.) Budge said, 'I was exposed to GUIs at Apple, and I had the pinball simulation from Raster Blaster. I saw that it would be a small step to do a construction set. This was the kind of program I liked, since there was no game to write. But it was a lot of work, since I had to implement file saving, a mini sound editor and a mini paint program.'"

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