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Comment Re:We won't know his progress (Score 1) 332

Actually, CPU is not that much of a problem. There are lots of examples how people built their own cpus from TTL, or transistors even. Granted, they're not fast but they're there. Also, there's SPARC designs (i.e. leon, T1, T2), Zilog gave Z80 to everyone free of charge etc.

Graphics cards which are more complicated than TTL 74165 are another matter.

Comment Re:Good to Know (Score 1) 365

Wine is safe... but here's a twist; how does this connect to stuff like microprocessors' ISA? One could argue that opcodes are APIs, too - therefore ARM, MIPS, x86, x86_64, Power, PowerPC, PA-Risc, M68K, 6502, etc. are up for grabs as long as nobody uses the original implementation which is practically impossible anyway.

If it holds up it could get to some interesting results.

Comment Re:Well, go ahead and tell them what then (Score 1) 303

So seriously, enough with this "OMG MS just needs to make a 100% perfectly secure OS!" shit. It shows massive ignorance of how complex and OS is, and what all you have to balance. No problem with that, you needn't learn about it if you don't want, but then don't argue from a position of ignorance and assume that they could make a perfect OS if only they wanted to bad enough.

Well, the problem is the complexity of their OS. Even Mark Russinovich said they didn't know how the system works:

What we do [instead] is take full Windows, and start pulling pieces off of it. The problem with that is, pieces that're left sometimes have dependencies out to pieces that we've removed. And we don't really understand those dependencies.

Comment Re:Their warmaking skills need some improvement fi (Score 1) 483

The Cold War was initially thought to be an American "win", but it was more due to problems within the USSR, rather than anything America did.

Not really. The problems within the USSR were largely caused by pressures due to their participation within the Cold War. In a sense, the U.S. won the Cold War by out-producing the Soviets.

So, what you are saying is that the Afghanis and Iraqis are winning because of financial pressures due to U.S. participation within the Iraq and Afghanistan war?

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 1123

Nobody's opposing religion. What is being opposed are specific claims some religions sometimes make. I.e. world being 6k yrs. old, people were magically summoned into shape the way they are today....

Something like that is demonstratively falsifiable, and indeed had been proven false. Shit hits the fan when people try to use "blind faith" to go over proofs for things like that. Or using blind faith to heal someone exclusively by praying and not even trying to get doctor's help. Or for mutilating people (circumcision anyone?), exorcism, forced arranged marriages, denying human rights, freedom of speech, etc., etc., etc. If it weren't for those things nobody on earth could possibly care who worships whom, and in what way.

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