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Comment Re:Cue the incredulous comments from the Americans (Score 1) 234

As someone that had lived and worked in Germany for the last 6 years. My experience is solely in the software development sector.

You are almost completely on the ball. The German system reflects the concept that a happy healthy employee is a productive employee.

The job security swings both ways too. You can't just be fired and thrown out with no pay. However, you can't just leave either. You need to give a good (usually over a month) time to bring someone else up to speed with what you were doing.

About vacations though... I have never met anyone that takes an entire month of vacation. The most we take is two weeks. Though, that is probably because you want to leave vacation days to deal with appointments and family illnesses. Health insurance will cover you looking after your children if they are ill, but not your partner, as an example.

Comment Re:Kinect (Score 1) 171

The numbers of devices sold are not the only thing that you should look at in how successful a device is.

If Gamespot is to be believed, they lost about $126 per device. That will only be offset if those people sign up for gold membership or pay for something else on the side.

The win for Microsoft in these cases, is probably about getting into the living room in the first place. In this case, it doesn't lose influence in vital areas of the everyday users life.

Comment Re:very interesting (Score 1) 171

I think that the difference here is that the HoloLens won't be intended for outdoor use. It is way too conspicuous. People hated the relatively tiny Google Glass.

Instead, I think it will focus more on improving home and office life. From the videos I have seen, I can imagine a world where you can have additional virtual computer monitors to display information that you typically won't interact with. Such as logging information during coding. I would have IRC windows displayed on walls inside my house. When you get an email you could alter the colour of your desk by projecting slightly on top of it... etc...

I think that Google realised how much of a backlash they were causing by creating a head mounted device that can record other people, since they pulled the Explorer program. The everyday public despises it (as you say, Glasshole). It has been banned in many places, you can't use it driving in many areas (illegal, one person was pulled over citing that it is a monitor). I don't think that is something that will change either, at least not until wearing headsets like this at home becomes mainstream.

Comment Genuine excitement... (Score 2) 171

This is the first time I have been genuinely excited about any Microsoft product since Windows 7.

This is something I would definitely use.

I can imagine overlaying debugging screens above my computer monitors. Moving more work off my precious screen real estate without needing several new monitors. The potential for something like this is limitless. Provided it really works like we have been shown.

Comment Re:A similar case in Germany (Score 1) 248

Although I do not know how much I am at liberty to discuss about the back-end. I can say that we use automated systems and sometimes manual.

We detect when commercials begin, and the user has complete control over what happens next. They can stay, or be automatically switched to a channel with a show that they like and have the option to switch back afterwards, or just mute the channel until adverts are over. If you are recording a show, we can pause/resume the recording or add markers into the recording so that you skip past through the commercials. Commericals can sometimes account for nearly half of the overall recording filesize. Cutting it out has more benefits than just watching! The number of recordings you can fit on your device often depends on it. Especially if you are recording HD.

We also have access to a VOD service, through third party plugin Apps. The operating system is Android, and we allow Apps to extend functionality of our App.

Comment A similar case in Germany (Score 2) 248

[Full disclosure: I work on a product like this]

This kind of system is also in operation in Germany. There was a major lawsuit between RTL (huge German broadcaster) and TC Unterhaltungselektronic AG, that very much reflects this lawsuit. Here is a link to the German court ruling as reported by Spiegel:

I realise this is a bit of a shameless plug, but it is relevant to the interests of this thread:

Comment Re: Not-so-accurate source (Score 1) 487

This is 100% correct.

I once had a TV License inspector appear at my house because I had not registered with the agency. I had a TV in my living room, but its sole purpose was to use game consoles.

The letter they send before their visit is pretty scary too!

They will try to strong arm you... However, as long as your TV set is not logically set up to view television (not close to a socket or with a cable simply disconnected and laying there for the sake of the visit). You do NOT need to pay a penny!


Submission + - So many phones, which is best?

Knossos writes: "With the release of many different phones on the market lately, I am struggling to decide what mobile phone I should invest in. Whats more, they all seem to have the same features in different skins. I have had Sony Ericsson's K750i for the last few years, and it has served me well. However, I have come to think that a new one is in order. Preferably one with lots of shiny geekiness. So the question is, what is the best mobile phone on the market right now? What do you use? What would you buy if you were buying a new phone?"

Setting a Learning Curve In MMOs 156

Ten Ton Hammer has an article looking at the learning curves of modern MMOs. Many of the more popular games, such as World of Warcraft, go to great lengths to make learning the game easy for new players. Others, such as EVE Online, have had success with a less forgiving introduction. But to what extent do the most fundamental game mechanics limit the more complex end-game play? "The current trend in MMOG's appears to be make the game so easy and interest-grabbing right out of the gate that even a person with the attention span of a monkey chewing on a flyswatter will be able to keep up and get into the swing of things. Depth of game mechanics is still possible with a system like this, but it needs to be introduced not only clearly, but later in the game, after a player has played enough to be hooked and is willing to put in some extra time to learn about the more intricate game mechanics available to them."

Comment EvE Online (Score 1) 330

Although not technically legal, EvE Online ISK has -always- had a monetary value.
Using current figures, the loss of a normally fitted dreadnought would be as high as £50. A faction (well) fitted dreadnought would be well into the £100s. And these things get scammed and stolen through corp-thieves.
One of my friends about a month ago got scammed out of BPOs for building capital ships. With real value of roughly £500-600 (even more if you take into account that they were worth more because they were researched).
Things like that happen on a daily basis in EvE.

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