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Comment Presumptuous (Score 2) 237

The term "graduate" means different things in US and India. You can hold a 'diploma' that's 10+3. This 'diploma' isn't considered a graduate in the US. It's not a degree because it's shy of the typical 4 year course structure. It could just mean they have a 3 year 'degree' than a 4 year bachelor's degree. Your assumption is flawed. 1 year of additional education can make a lot of difference if you're a developer or something else, but for a help desk job, I doubt it would add much value. Also, if you have a 4 year degree, why wouldn't you aim for a dev job?

Submission + - Indie Game Developer Takes on Rovio and Zynga (

An anonymous reader writes: The past few years have seen a rise in independently-produced games, such as Braid and Super Meat Boy. In another David-vs-Goliath story, indie dev Zach Gage is attracting quite a bit of attention, including that of Forbes Magazine, with his current attempt at dethroning the usual suspects from the top of the App Store charts, a word-hunting puzzle game called SpellTower.

Submission + - Weekend Lyrid Meteor Shower Visible From Earth (

jamaicaplain writes: "The annual Lyrid meteor shower will hit its peak this weekend and promises to put on an eye-catching display. NASA scientists plan to track the Lyrid meteor shower using a network of all-sky cameras on Earth, as well as from a student-launched balloon in California. Meanwhile, an astronaut on the International Space Station will attempt to photograph the meteors from space."

Comment Re:Perfect for (Score 1) 166

Not to mention these need to be charged. TFA shows a pair being "induction charged". Know, what pair of glasses doesn't need to be charged? The normal kind! What happens when you're in the middle of an important conference/meeting and these give in? "Uhmmm.... excuse me, I'm sorry, I can't sign this document, cause, ummm... my glasses just ran out of juice so I can't read the fine print." Their you tube channel shows a side by side comparison of how images look through normal vs their glasses. I don't wear glasses, so I don't know how true the facts they state so actually are.

Comment Re:Never (Score 1) 606

You know I've always wondered what if we could have that convoy idea that you mentioned implemented in reality. Every 5-10 miles off the freeway, there could be a stop where people club their vehicles to something and ride until some set distance. Not very convenient, but like you said, awesome mileage!

Comment Re:Never (Score 1) 606

Most high end cars deal with ice and snow drifts better than you might think. Mercs have something they call DSR (downhill speed regulation or something) and the vehicle computes the best speed, torque etc multiple times each second to take you downhill safely. Newer Audis have something similar as far as I know.

Comment Re:Never (Score 1) 606

You mean like this: Audi is doing a project that aims to do just that. There are a couple of videos out there. One where it accurately follows a pattern and uses GPS to figure out where to go next, carefully avoiding obstacles in the way. It's nowhere close to what you say, but given enough time and resources, that day isn't far away.

Mozilla Releases Firefox 4 Beta For Android, Maemo 128

An anonymous reader writes "Mozilla has released the first beta of its Firefox 4 for Android and Maemo. The browser is based on the Firefox 4 core and should be released in the same time frame as the big brother. The mobile browser includes Firefox Sync, a cloud feature that enables users to sync browsing history, passwords, form-fill data and bookmarks, as well as open tabs." Android news site Androinica also mentions the release, and provides a small tutorial on installing beta apps for Android.

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