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Comment Re:One sentence solution (Score 1) 526

Actually, it's the Arabs and Oil companies that are the winners there. Nice try, but . . . no, for so many reasons. Funny, though. I'm all in favor for an alternative to cars, actually. Instead of touchscreens, I want the jetpack they promised us, or a flying car, or a personal spacecraft, as Mars is actually looking sweeter all the time.

Comment Re:Your problem, not ours (Score 1) 526

Never underestimate one's ability to make it someone else's problem. And by 'people', you actually mean 'sheeple'. And no, there does not 'got to be' a way that touch screens could be rendered useful for me, unless it is to shove them up the ass of those that believe so, and give our proctologists a giggle. I find the entire concept ridiculous, as I do most of today's attempts to indoctrinate our young to 'indispensable' technology that does nothing to improve the human condition, and only serves to generate money for corporate slime-balls, and turn human beings into automatons serving the wills of their corporate masters. As for a grinch-like attitude, it serves me a hell of a lot better than blindly following those that have failed to raise the bar for us as a species, and leave said bar rusting in the shit and mud that is the norm for the human race. Please report to the nearest Soylent Green manufacturing facility for immediate processing.

Comment Touchscreens for all? (Score 2) 526

What about those of us whose electrical conductivity are beyond the norm? There are people that cannot use touchscreens with accuracy due to their bodies own electrical impulses (I can't wear a digital watch, for instance, or a smartphone with a touch screen for more than a few seconds before it becomes unusable)). Are these people going to be forced to adapt to a world where they cannot use computers due to the propagation of a trend technology, where people are led to believe the next thing coming down the pipe is the greatest thing since sliced bread? Simple truth is: if it isn't broke, don't fix it. Personally, I have as much use for a touchscreen, and Windows 8, as I would a second anus. And can you imagine trying to play WoW or anything more complicated than a flash-based game on a touchscreen? Are these people insane? Oh, wait . . . we're talking about Microsoft here, so of course they are. . .

Comment Parents Are Idiots. . . (Score 1) 640

Men have penises. Deal with it. This is what happens when you have a society that is founded by fundamentalist extremists. It's perfectly fine to see people bash the shit out of each other on screen, or to view bodies in various states of death or dismemberment, but show a penis, and all of a sudden, people have no idea what to do. If you can't deal with such simple facts as the natural state of our own bodies, then you shouldn't be a parent in the first place, because as a parent, it's your fucking JOB to make your children aware of the world, and prepare them for greater things. One thing we don't need, is for people to breed like rats while passing on their own fears and limitations into their offspring, thus ensuring yet another generation of mediocrity. Grow the fuck up, people. The key word is: EVOLVE. I know that word scares some folks, and rightly so, as those people are correctly sensing that they have been earmarked for extinction. Let's raise the bar for a change, instead of lowering it into the gutter, shall we? Let's get over the fact that someone dared to be creative, and someone else actually had the balls to present that creativity with something approaching the original spirit of the source material, instead of bowing to the knuckle-dragging, 'think-of-the-children', mentality that's been holding this country back for over three decades, and instead, encourage others to raise the bar as well. Let's try something NEW for a change, because the other way hasn't worked . . . ever. Either that, or report to the nearest Soylent Green Manufacturing Facility for immediate processing. . . .

Comment Re:Fight fire with fire. (Score 1) 106

Let's just form a raiding group, and declare open season on the patent trolls. Find a few of these bastards hanging from telephone poles, and maybe they'll think twice. Personally, I'd like to see an open season on all lawyers, with no bag limit, that runs from Jan. 1 - Dec. 31. Bag a big bag o' crap today, and make the world a better place!

Comment I Hate Those Bastards (Score 1) 1

They've called my cell phone repeatedly. If anyone figures out how to trace these bastards, I'll be happy to hunt them down and make them pay. I'll even do it Pro Bono, a savings of several thousand dollars from my usual fee! Perhaps the first step, would be to tighten the privacy standards when it came to such information. Perhaps someone at the dealerships or repair shops are disclosing the information to shady characters. If this can be proven, they should be strung up by their tits and or testicles. It would be a start, if nothing else.

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